Mystery car Mark 2/340

This is my first time posting to this forum. Classic Showcase in Oceanside, California is advertising what is described as a 340 3.8. Reference books suggest there were only a dozen of these. Photos show that the car has a 340 badge on the lower right boot lid and a 3.8 badge above the rear license plate. It also has a 3.8 emblem above the grille. However, its chassis plate gives the VIN as P180755 (LHD 3.4 Mark 2 series), the engine number as KJ 10225-8 (3.4 Mark 2 series) and body number as E066745 (3.4 Mark 2 series). However (again) the number of the actual engine in the car is 7B 63881-9 (S-Type series). The car has Mark 2 bumpers, but I understand that some 340s were shipped to USA that way. If this is truly a LHD 340 3.8 it may be the only one ever produced, but the identifying serial numbers are far from supportive. Apparently, the seller does not have a Heritage certificate. Does anyone have experience with these rare cars and can cast any light on the serial numbers?

Going by this chart, it would appear to be a 1966 3.4L Mark II.

I would not trust badges, nor the accuracy of dealer’s historical information.

See Jaguar Chassis Decoder

Decoded Chassis Number

You entered P180755 which is a Jaguar Mark II powered by a 3.4 XK engine with power steering left-hand drive and a manual transmission without overdrive. This Jaguar Mark II was number 419 out of 482 vehicles manufactured during 1966 in the United Kingdom. The engine number prefix is KG, KH, KJ and the body number prefix is E. From November 1966 to May 1967, 719 Mark II left-hand drive cars with the 3.4 XK engine were exported primarily to the U.S. and Canada as re-badged 340 models. It is possible that 180755 represents one of these vehicles based on research by Jerry Liudahl as published in Jaguar Journal (January/February 2010 issue).

This is not a particularly rare Mk2, just a re-badged one IMHO.

One more observation about P180755. It probably came off the assembly line in October 1966, was then allocated to the export program, re-badged as a 340, and shipped to US or Canada in Nov-Dec 1966 as the 340 exports got underway. It is very likely that the car was sold by a US/Canada dealer in the first half of 1967.

The ad says the “one family owned since February of 1968” so it seems quite possible that this “one family” is, in fact, the second owner of the car and that someone else (or the dealer) drove it around for a year or so before re-selling it.

Even if a 3.8 engine was swapped in for the standard 3.4, this does not, IMHO, have much positive impact on its value. In fact, a non-matching engine number probably reduces the car’s value despite the larger size engine capacity.

if it doesnt have matching engine number, without definitive proof, you would have to take it that an engine replacement has taken place at some time

imo, you could not attribute any premium to this car as being rare or unusual

it should be valued strictly on its condition compared to other similar MK2

Correct. P180755 format is for a LHD Mark 2. Real 340 cars had an entirely different VIN number configuration. Re-badging late LHD Mark 2 cars gave Jaguar an opportunity to have US dealers market these late examples with vinyl interiors and no occasional tables on the backs of the front seats as ‘new’ models. I bought one of these myself In Southern California in1989 with the VIN number beginning as P181… Ask the dealer to show you the VIN number of the car in question and you’ll know for sure it is not a real 340. No ‘real’ 340 cars were ever fitted with thick bumpers. Several years ago I saw a ‘real’ 340 which had been purchased new in Canada in 1968 and imported later into the US. The car had thin bumpers, a different VIN format, and the engine featured ‘ribbed’ cam covers.

I believe my Jag was probably built on the same day and has the same badging. 1967 340
My numbers are P180641, KJ10225-8, and E066745. All very close. I have a Heritage certificate and I was told by them that Jag was starting to convert to the 340’s but were using up MkII parts. My seats are 340 style , bumpers MKII, engine MKII. Original color Red. It has been repainted Green. The historical data I have says it was shipped to NY then shipped directly to Portland, Oregon
Richard O

Hi I am one of the fortunate owners that for twenty tears have owned a real 3.8 340 commonly known as a 380 and have written a comprehensive text relating to this particular model
There is a report written by Jack Wright in the Jaguar Drivers club magazine
with information that I have given him. (early 2016)
To precis that text here were no 3.4 engine models, no engine numbers with K series or L series
There were 12 RHD and 1 LHD They were a mixed bunch some with Marles power steering
Engines were either EE or SE prefixes with straightport head 8:1 and 9:1 compression ratios
Manual all synchro overdrive box and automatic BW35 gearboxes
I know of 4 existing and have seen 3 of them and one in photos
Appears that this car is not an original 3.8 340.
Hope this helps Brian

Some one…can help me to get more information about my jaguar mk2 1967…p191209…E067320…
Is my first time here!!

I need help for more information for my mk2 1967

Welcome to the forum, what sort of help are you wanting?

Please check your VIN number again. No VIN numbers on these cars began with 191. I believe your VIN number is probably P181209, which would have come off the assembly line in March 1967, and I’d assume your engine is 3.4 litre, coupled with a four speed gear box without overdrive. Is that correct? Please advise.

Yes …you are Right!! Jaguar mk2 1967…P181209…E067320…do you know where I can get more information about this car…first owner and ect…
Thanks…very much

Due to privacy laws nowadays that information may be very hard to come by.

This is the VIN p181209…I have the title…

You can get a Heritage Certificate from JDHT.

You have to supply all the numbers, they will not supply any missing numbers, but will tell you where the car went, and sometimes the dealer and less often the first owner.

Thanks for your time and for answering our questions.

Whats happen if the head cilinder not it’s the right color…if it doesn’t match the type it should be…

Some purists may get their knickers twisted, if you think the colour is incorrect paint it.

Really …!! That’s all…ok…is the first jaguar what I have …I’m happy …I don’t know almost nothing about it…


I thought all cylinder heads were silver or unpainted aluminium by 1967.

Besides it’s not at all important to JHT, they will issue a certificate and tell you many things about how the car was “born”, but it is a good idea to give them all the numbers (Chassis, engine, gearbox and body number) as found on the car.

Besides, many people who will say this or that don’t necessarily know, but they want to act as they would know. This place is very much open for discussion, we always learn new things about these cars. :slight_smile: