Mystery Connector by Battery


When replacing Harlem’s ('00 XJ8) battery this week, I discovered a small black “h-type” connector in the vicinity of the battery hold. It looks like it has 3 or so wires in it. Alongside it is a small white/translucent single wire that looks like it connects with a bayonet-type connector to something. Any idea what these are supposed to go to? :confused: I’m thinking it might be an accessory, but usually the only accessory in a Jag trunk is a c.d. changer. It has the changer, however, and it is fully dealer-installed/connected (on the opposite side of the boot).

(Andy) #2

The white wire is for new car delevery only.

The 3 pin connector is an accessory supply. Likly to need relay adding in fusebox

The 2 pin red black is for a side marker light in bumper. USA cars.

(Andy) #3

The 3 pin connector has

black earth
+12V supply (fuse in LH heel board)
Accessory supply (relay required in truck fuse box)

Can be used for a cigar light/power socket for charging or for fridge.


Phew. Was afraid something was not hooked up that should be. :grimacing:

Thanks, Andy.