Mystery intake manifold spacers

Hi Guys, I came across 4 of these ? intake manifold extension (my guess) and posting here in the hope someone will recognize their application and hopefully for whatever make / model they suit. As the photo shows they provide an angle and bore is tapered 1cm from end to end. I hope the photos go through ok. Anymore detail required please ask. Thanks in advance.[100_9322|666x500(upload://xvpMH8u1PmnlNPWlQ7aTdXC6n7t.jpeg)

For Zenith Strombergs, to the air filter box.
Series 2 E type, and maybe TR6.

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I should have added that these were among 4 large boxes of all Jaguar e type and Mk2 spares I bought as a job lot.

@Wiggles has it. Air filter/cleaner adapters for Zenith Stromberg 175 CD carbs. I guess only on North American E-Types and early XJ6. Only place I’ve seen the 3 bolt flange is on Jaguars, but I don’t get out much.

Thanks a lot guys. Here in the UK we don’t have the Strombergs hence never seeing these before. They most likely were removed from repatriated e types to the UK which were then fitted with SU’s.