Mystery parts found

Over forty years our 1952 XK 120 FHC has visited a lot of shops. We have lost parts and gained parts. The following two photos appear to be such parts. The first are nice sheet metal except for surface rust. The second are photos of a decent chrome piece that appears to have had a handle through it. Any ideas? If they do not go on our car, they will be available for free.

The chrome part is a door striker, used on my pre-war SS and Mark IV saloons.

Thanks Rob. It is obviously missing the center part. Anyone need this part?

I can use it if nobody else has an urgent need. One of mine on the SS is questionable.

Rob, PM me an address and I will get it to you.

No scale provided with the sheet metal parts, the pair in the middle look similar to the forward inner panels of the rear wheel wells on my OTS.

Sorry, failed to provide scale. The parts are about 15” long. The flat ones do resemble the pieces described above but do not match our FHC. Anyone want any of the parts? Rob, yours will go out today.

Part arrived today, many thanks Lewis.