Mystery Parts in '83 XJS Trunk


I’m rebuilding and '83 XJS that I purchased after it sat for more than 20 years due to a bad fuel pump. The prior owner had done some disassembly in the trunk and now I’m trying to reassemble. The three parts in the attached picture were surplus and I can’t find any obvious place for them.

I’d appreciate any input into what they are and where they go.


The one at top left is the frame that goes around the cruise control bellows right behind the A/C compressor.

I recognize the one at bottom center, but can’t quite place it.

That cardboard thing at top right probably goes in the trunk somewhere.

Thanks, Kirbert. The bellows mount makes sense as there was a spare one in the trunk as well. Explains why I couldn’t find a place in the trunk for it!


Top left: cruise control bellow bracket
Top right: electric antenna motor cover (early type remote motor antenna) (right side of the boot)
Bottom: Aelectric antenna mast cover (early type remote motor antenna) (right side of the boot)

I can take pictures of these items how they look on the car if you need.


Thanks. I’ll let you know if I need a picture. It makes sense that those are antenna parts as the power antenna motor has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. I doubt I can fit these parts with that but I’ll see what I can do when I get all the carpets/trim back in.