"Mystery" XK120 "racecar" on Facebook XK120 group

Who is in the Facebook XK120 group? There was a photo of the car below along with a mystery description as a factory modified racer. I saw the car in person about 15 years ago and I don’t think there is any way these were Jaguar factory modification. But feel free to correct me. @Mitchell Andrus started the thread, but this is not his photo. Mitchell Andrus

My guess is that it’s some aftermarket mod.

They are using this car as support for the “factory modified” claim.

I left a comment…:unamused:

This comment was priceless!!

“This is the rare SC model, as in Swiss Cheese.”

If this was factory, they would not have made only one. They didn’t race guesswork, they were studied and serious about what they put out in public.

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I am only aware of 3 documented factory lightweight XK120s: LT1, LT2 and LT3. Someone who frequents this list owns one of those. What happened to the other two?

As I recall the factory prepared the 3 initial alloys, 3 lightweights, 1 Montlhery coupe and 2 Jabbeke high speed cars. I don’t recall any other factory sponsored 120 racers. By '51 they were more interested in the C-Type, which didn’t have Webers.
There were other privately owned racers that could have bought some parts from the factory, but that doesn’t really count as factory prepared. Many speed shops were around to do such mods.
Seems like of the 8 that could be called factory mods, any 20 are for sale at any time.
Kind of like claiming to have Abraham Lincoln’s driver’s license or Shakespeare’s typewriter.

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To paraphrase Brian Lister, “Only 50 of the original 25 cars survive.”

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More '32 Ford hot rods around now than Henry ever made, many with 1932 Boss 302’s. Imagine that.

LT-2, the one my 'rents raced and owned, is back in Britain, its owner having done a spectacular job of restoring it to its original specification.

Here’s a picture of a picture, of my Mom driving it at CDR, early 60s.

IIRC, at one time one of the others lived in/around a Georgia.

How do I know it’s Mom? She had to hang onto one side of the wheel to turn that beast!


Same with Auburn Speedsters: the factory made 250, and last I heard, only 2,310 survived.


a man with a hole saw

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I suggested that much. The current caretaker does NOT want to hear that explanation. :rofl:

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Big Buicks only had four portholes. Six is better.

The notion that Jaguar bored six holes in the fenders is just plain silly.

Buick portholes in ten minutes.

All based on the Buick Bug!




I can’t find this on Facebook. Can anyone offer up a hint or a link?

He has more pictures on facebook: https://bit.ly/33NyXyr (the link was far too long)
Don’t like it all that much…

What is that coiling over the cowl? The radiator?

Yep! That’s the radiator!

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Wouldn’t venturi effect pull a vacuum on those portholes?

…or should I say… starboard holes?

Yea, I did that.