~Name that part, enter~“Train”~ment~

Learning that the last person just grabbed a ziplock bag and tossed random parts in. This baggie was labeled WIPER MOTOR

But, good news is, I found the caps to the wind screen. What’s the rest?

Maybe a few of those pan head screws needed for the gearbox cover???

What all do I have here folks?

Windscreen A pillar caps.
Seat belt mounting bolts.
Not sure. Possibly part of the drop down boot board on a FHC.
Cam cover nuts x2
Door striker mounting screws.
Brass washers? Don’t recognise them. Look home made.
Fuel banjo bolt washers (total of 6).
Fuel pump mounting bolt shock absorber.
Lift a dot mount x2
Trim screws for things like the interior A pillar trim.
The 2 sets of chrome, domed headed bolts are either for the hard top mount, or the grab handle.
I don’t recognise the brass hex nut or the various cup washers specifically. There are a couple of male press stud halves.
The thing below the hex nut might be a bush of some sort but I do not recognise it.


The not sure (#3) are the A-pillar mounts for the visors. Lower left chrome bolts are the lower hood mechanism bolts (B-pillar).

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This was a bag with a BD# on it, but despite specifying year and e-type, no search results looked like any of these items.

No idea about the three items on the left or the one on the top middle. The two chrome pieces on the bottom could be the connector pieces for the chrome headlight surround. The screws are chromed so must be used somewhere visible but if I had to guess they are for a part that isn’t on your car (covered headlight chrome surround screws, one side).
Edit- the three items on the left could be replacements for the door card clips?

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That was my guess too.

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Because those are long I suspect they are for the (seldom used) hood hold down straps - the posts go on the rear bulkhead.

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Wait, I use them!:wink:. I’ve got the soft top cover and typically use it when the top is down.

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Yep, headlights. Already on the car.

I need to keep a running time of hours spent organizing parts already in this car. :crazy_face:

Thank you again all!

Hard to judge scale, but that big brass nut could the fuel bulkhead fitting in the boot/IRS cavity.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL


And, aren’t we thankful Jaguar had the foresight to affix the steel fitting with a brass nut!

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So are youz guyz enjoying this “guess-that-part” game, or should I try to find an App for that?

I’ll spend about an hour trying to figure out a part, but at that rate, I will be IDing parts for the next decade.

In going through random parts, is it best to just group “like” parts, and then when I need something, try to find it within that grouping?

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The bottom cup washers are fasteners from an OTS boot board, to fasten the hardura mat.

Are you kidding?

This is the most fun some of us have had, in the Age of Covid!


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Nah, we’re good. Keep 'em coming.


I’m not so sure I would admit that on a public forum Paul.



OK, John, I can definitely accommodate as there is NO lack of parts to post up.


If @JamesLove can post a picture of himself in a pink prom dress, I’m totally safe!


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Wait, WHAT?

Oh no, you CANNOT drop that bomb and NOT post up a pic.

I’m waiting…

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Oh my god stop it. Lol anything to garner attention and provide entertainment under the guise of a Jag enthusiast.