~Name that part, enter~“Train”~ment~

Excellent work, thanks for that. I would never have thought they were for the tail lights but there you go.

This seems like a reasonable thread to post to.

I recently found these 2 parts in the bottom of an old box I got back from somebody who worked on my car 6 years ago, and have no idea if they are related to my car.

The first is a heavy-duty cloth strap, maybe 20 inches long, seems like it was in an engine compartment somewhere (dirty, oily) , possibly wrapped around something round but tapered…

Second is a black, steel (?) 6mm hexagon shaped rod, 10 inches long, with serrated ridges in the middle 8 inches, as if used for a jack of some kind.

I hope I don’t go 0 for 2 on this, I apologize in advance if I do.


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Never seen either associated with an E Type.

There is a strip of thick cloth used between the torsion bar shields and the frame - could be what you show.


First one is an “insulator” between the mud guards and frame rails on both sides of the oil pan.

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I think you can just see a bit of it peeking out on the right side of this photo:

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The hexagon rod is a depth gauge of an electric drill.

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Ok. The short heat shield bracket was on the car but not long enough to attach the lower heat shield. I think the longer is the correct part.

Can anyone confirm before we change out.

Longer bracket on lower heat shield:

Thank you!

Not sure why the shorter ones were on there so appreciate the confirmation.

We need to switch out the new bottle that has a broken bottom “nipple” too.

Nichole The shorter one I think is the other half that wraps around the frame .

Item marked with red line is the actuator arm inside the heater valve.

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Bracket is from undershields , brass banjo is from brake master, banjo bolt either fuel system or oil pump to cam shafts ……

Where does this new part go?

Never having had an E I would speculate its a door trim.

the short one is for third bracket on an AC car for the drier mounts

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All 3 pictures are the same part.

Keep it or dispose?

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Aftermarket electric fuel pump. I guess it depends on how well it functions and to what extent you want to keep things Jaguar. My ‘68’s original SU fuel pump is still going strong.

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American-made vibrator type of fuel pump: they were a very good product. I bet John could use it.

If nobody claims it, I’ll take it!

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