Name this part?

Found amongst my


Kinda reminds me of a Teves ABS pump but doesn’t look quite right to me…

Ok but I have absolutely no idea

I have worked on a lot of parts on our XJ-S, XJ6s, and XJ12 over the past 20 years and I have never seen anything like that part. I suspect that if it is a Jaguar part it is from a facelift car, XJ40 or more modern model than anything we have. Are there any decals, castings, or stampings that would provide a clue to it’s purpose?
My off-the-wall guess is an electric motor for seat with electric adjustments, but none of my Jaguars have those kinds of seats.


Looks like it could be a windscreen washer fluid pump?

I think it could be a seat motor if there is a square through hole in the boss where there are 4 bolt heads? That’s the cross shaft drive.