NASCAR at Elkhart Lake!

Well… the basic track configuration is the same, but much of the infield/corner exits, and the removal of the Titus Bridge, make it waaaay different to 1988, when I last raced there!

looooooooooong straights…and 90 deg turns…NASCAR drivers do know how to drive a road course in a big heavy hi horsepower car. the in car driver view cam…is really cool. Nick

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Yea, one has to give those beasts credit: Chevy pickup truck rear suspension, undertired and underbraked, for their 3500 pounds, and they’re only 10-12 seconds off TransAm times.

Good show!

Hope they remain racing there.

My fave part of any race, regardless of where I finished, was the last lap, waving at the corner workers!

being still running on the last lap made the waving a lot of fun…Nick
Did you see the ocean of orange for Max Verstappen in Austria? (should be replay soon)

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