Need 62’ FHC interior spec

Does anyone have a 62’ FHC that I can pick their brains on the interior as period standard, thanks?

@ptelivuo may have all you need, at hand.


Here is a good post in a recent thread as well as links to various vendors if you scroll down further:


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Thanks, Pekka!

You keep better track of interior discussions than I.

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James, see my PM. Harvey


I can’t give you specific information, but I can give you a warning to be careful with a “62 FHC”. In 1962 Jaguar made major changes to the rear of the FHC which resulted in a large number of new panels and interior parts, so asking about a “62 FHC” is not going to be precise enough if you are looking for templates etc. The car Serial Number changeover point was 860479 (RHD) and 886014 (LHD). You need to specify whether the car you are working on is prior to, or post that break point.


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It is the interior trim I am looking at David, it is a customer car I don’t have the numbers right there

As I said, the part numbers of pieces of interior trim changed, not just the body panels. WIthout knowing whether it is an “early” or “late” 1962 FHC, you run the risk of getting answers here that do not apply to the car you are working on. I don’t know the details, but thought you should be aware. I can imagine how difficult it must be working on the interior of a car that you don’t have access to. Good luck.

I have a '63 FHC that I installed the interior into. I’d be happy to answer questions or take photos as you need them.

Everything besides the tailgate/ cantrails I have done previously. I carried on from the guy previous in my line of work and have never yet done another FHC from scratch. I have done roadsters, speedsters, low drag etc… my issue is not templating/ sizes etc I have no problem making any of those from scratch because I know where everything should finish, my initial concern is the order of play trimming the inside edge of the tailgate. Primarily the seal/ aperture that wraps along the inside of the edge and is glued/ riveted behind the boot latch panel and or C panel trims? Sorry if my terminology isn’t right. Any photos from bare metal basically in any stage you have are appreciated J

@Clive_Wilkinson has the best series of photos and description of that area.

James, see the photos in my PM.

Hi James…have a look here…its the factory fit section on the UK E type forum for the 3.8 cars…showing close up photos of original unmolested cars… FACTORY FIT - Series 1 3.8 - The 'E' Type Forum there is a similar section for 4.2 cars Steve

Ha lovely terminology but yea I will thanks guys, because if this one goes well I have 4 more to do! :exploding_head:

James, as we discussed on the phone and as David Langely points out, 62 was a period of change. Here is an excerpt from the draft of an article I am writing about my FHC, build date Jan 2nd, 1963. You can get a flavor of the types of changes and where I go to get my info (mainly Haddock/Mueller and McKays books). If anyone else reads this and has editorial comments, thanks, and please shoot me a PM.

Finally, a couple of originality notes applicable to this stage of the process. Both McKay and Haddock/Mueller provide timelines of various changes to the 3.8 cars. A few items of note are listed below. Keep in mind my car number is 888055 with a build date of January 2nd, 1963.

** In late winter of 1962, the floor assembly was changed to include footwells. At the same time, Flintkote was added to the front floor (H-M, pg. 477)*
** About July 1962, the strikers for the luggage floor hinged extension latches, and the rubber buffers for the extension in its raised position were changed (H-M, pg. 478).*
** About June 1962, the the body underframe assembly, floor assembly, and rear end body sill were changed. This included modifying the rear bulkhead of the body shell to include recesses to allow the seats 1 1/2" more rearward travel (H-M, pg. 478).*
** On October 1962, the patterns on the aluminum trim panels on the assembly above the gearbox and on the assembly over the gearbox and driveshaft cover were changed. This is likely the change from the etched dot pattern aluminum trim to the embossed cross pattern alumunum trim (H-M, pg. 480).*
** On December 1962, the boot lid prop and its bracket were changed (H-M, pg. 480).*

These changes agree with the configuration and parts that I am finding/using for my restoration. Now on to some items that occured later and do not apply to my car.

** Feb 63, The coupe’s luggage floor mat changed from two pieces, one L-shaped around the spare wheel cover, the other fitted to the cover, to a one-piece mate secured with Durable Dot fastners. Change to the quarterlight catches and all adjacent trim panels plus luggage floor extension, including chrome finishers and seat belt escrutcheons (McKay, pages 61 & 124).*
** April 63, Revised passenger grab handle+brackets (McKay, pg. 124).*
** May 63, Cowl trims were fitted around the rear hatch lock and hinges. Armrests were fitted to the doors (McKay, pages 61 and 125).*
** September 63, The front finisher trim panel was changed from embossed aluminum to leather (H-M, pg. 482).*

This is where I am going the leave it for now. Both McKay and Haddock/Mueller provide valuable photo documentation of the some of the above changes. Although the internet and Youtube can be very helpful, I would be at a severe disadvantage determining exactly how my car should be restored without these two reference books. If you are restoring a car, buy them. You won’t regret it.

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Much appreciated Harvey