Need a 120 grille... More than one maker?

My 120 has a 140 grille. As nice as it is, I’m thinking it’s a repop and it’s just plain wrong.

I’m looking at the offerings by the usuals and prices vary quite a bit. So, I’m wondering if there’s one guy making these and they’re all the same or if there’s more than one being made…? I have no problem paying more for the better made item, but if they’re all the same, the budget won’t be taking an unnecessary hit, I’ll buy the cheapest available.

BTW, I found Tom’s post on his grille restoration about a year ago. Holy Moly.

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My 2 cents worth, hold out for an original. Plenty of them around.

I’ll hope for a good usable one, but I can’t wait too long. I’ve got some repair work to do to the hood and I’ll be needing it before I big in very deep. Deck and doors will come first though.

While looking for something else, I came across this on xkdata for 670083 which was found in Wisconsin.

And what is really odd is, I’ve had this hanging in my garage for 38 years in Illinois.

What are the chances?
Its an original rim, so if I ever find a set of vanes I could restore it.

Garage art. Got a few myself, but none are Jag …yet.

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Have a couple of nice used ones to choose from.


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T’would be a perfect grille for a Jewish owner…:grimacing:

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