Need a couple parts for my screwed up '67 FHC

So when the previous owner of my car chopped it up to put the For 302 V8 and C4 automatic transmission in to it, he or the shop he hired to do the work , cut the bottom 2/3 of the clutch pedal arm off the car and totally cut away the transmission tunnel and driveshaft tunnel. As a result I need a clutch pedal and various parts of the transmission tunnel. One of the parts of the transmission tunnel I don’t have is the cover that bolts down to the tunnel sides that actually surround the side of the transmission. The cover closes off the top of the transmission and is where the lower edges of the shifter boot is secured.

This hacking of the transmission tunnel can be seen here in the photo below.

The hacking of the front frame rails can be seen here.

Notice the jog they did in the at the front of the top tube just ahead of the front of the motor.

So if anyone has spares of the clutch pedal arm or the transmission top cover, I would like to know about them.

This part should be in the classifieds wanted section.

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I have a new rear transmission tunnel from Monocoque for an S1 (no nuts for seat belts) that i have no use for. Yours for shipping if you need it.

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Try Chuck at Monocoque Metalworks. He should be able to hook you up with what you need.

You’ve got some serious repairs ,those frame fails as you call them aren’t designed to be welded actually forbidden
The damage to your car might have turned it into a parts car keep your eyes open
Good luck

That is why I bought this other E-Type cut up chassis to source replacement frames and an actual E-Type engine. I know the frames on the car with the mods for the Ford V8 are junk.

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Inspect your salvaged engine frames carefully. It’s rare for original engine frames to be sound after 60 years, as they are quite thin metal and corrode from the inside out.

I thought mine were excellent until I had them glass bead blasted, which blew holes in several spots.

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Yeah, I am aware of that. I might end up having to buy new frames anyway.

I assume you know about the rattle test? If they fail that, just get new ones.