Need a head for a 62 xke 3.8L

Blown head won’t pass pressure test, has a crack anyone have a head for Sale?


Give Jaguar Heaven, in Stockton, CA, a jingle.


Welcome. There is a Classified Ad section here for 4sale and wanted items, which is the best home for your enquiry. As a new member, you will not have access to that section (to discourage folks from just joining Jag-Lovers to buy and sell) until you’ve participated for a while on the forum. It doesn’t take long, so just look around the forum topics, and familiarize yourself with the bunch of nut cases who frequent the place, and you’ll soon be as mad as the rest of us :smiley:

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I resemble that remark.


Where are you located? A head is heavy, and difficult and expensive to ship safety.

I have one off a later 3.8 l Ser 1 car. PM me at