Need a mobile meachani. To open and replace trunk wire harness

Need a mobile mechanic to fix and open the trunk 74 jag in los angelea

It may be possible to open your boot lid by yourself.

I attached a video of my latching mechanism on the bench.

There is no narration so:

When I first pick up the latch, it is nearly in the orientation as if it were installed in the car (what you would see if you looked straight down into the open boot). The C shaped piece is what you need to manipulate to open your boot.

A few seconds into the video – after I closed the latch (the C-shaped piece) - I rotate the whole thing and you can see the part of the latch that faces the back wall of the boot area.

I immediately place my left thumb on the release button and press it releasing the latch. It is a stiff spring and takes a bit of pressure to release the latch.

Access to this release button may be possible by you by working through an opening behind the rear license plate or perhaps by unscrewing and removing the reverse lamp assembly. Good Luck

A lot of guys here rig up a wire that is attached to the mechanism that is accessible from behind the rear license plate for just these situations.


Is the boot lid closed and will not open when you pull the release cable (behind passenger seat)?

BOOT RELEASE CABLE PULL. NOTE: Make sure it is unlocked.

If the cable will not release the lid catch there is another method to operate the latch. First remove the license plate illumination housing (2 screws). You will find an approx. 1" diameter hole going into the boot. Insert a suitable tool (long allen wrench, etc.) into the hole contacting the boot catch release.!

Number Plate assembly removed; unlocking tool inserted
BootLock Access Hole
Emergency access hole, view from inside the boot.

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The boot lid catch mechanism. In the center (screw facing down) is the release lever. You must push it to the right (looking towards the front of the car) to activate the catch release. Cables do, from time-to-time come undone from the catch lever. Once you move the lever to the right the boot lid should pop open. If all goes well you won’t need a mechanic.
Note: S3 cars used PoziDriv screws, not Phillips. They look similar but are not. Buying a good set of PoziDriv screw drivers will put you way ahead in the game.
One quick question… Does your car have a manual or electric antenna?

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Also, thru the access hole you can push on the catch trip mechanism allowing it to open.

I’m happy to see that first photo of the boot lock :slight_smile: I posted that 20 years ago when I rekeyed the boot latch to match the ignition switch :slight_smile:

Hello Paul,

Yes, I’ve been archiving photo’s for years and years. Rather remiss on attaching the source so now I’ll rectify that here.


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