Need a repairable S1 4.2 E Type bonnet under pan

Am bringing back to life a 1966 E Type OTS that spent some 25 years outside under a tarp. Minimal rust damage in some areas, complete disaster in others.

The bonnet under pan is beyond salvage. I would like to find a repairable original. Please let me know what you have from your restoration.

Thanks, Stu Wallack CT

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What part of the pan is unsalvageable? In case you did not know the crossmember is available from Monocoque Metalworks.

Good thought, but that is not going to save this part. The crossmember is actually fairly solid, it’s most of the center sheet metal and mouth that has become swiss cheese or has completely vanished. When mice build a home. destruction follows. Thanks, Stu

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That is too bad. Kind of like a search for the holy grail to find a good bonnet valance but I wish you luck!

Jaguar Heaven, in Stockton, CA?

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Appreciate the tip Paul, I will give them a try

Hi Stu,
I have 3 (incomplete) S1 bonnets in the back of my garage. I’m pretty sure at least one of them has the underpan, although I’ll have to dig them out to see what shape they are in.
Let me know if you are still in need of the part and I’ll try to get to them over the weekend.
Jack Connolly NJ

Yes yes yes, please let me know what you have. Appreciate it. Stu

Got what I needed, excellent parts, thanks to all.


I noted that you have extra bonnet parts, and I wonder if you might have a decent series 1 e-type center section that you might sell? The front part of mine is pretty rugged. Just starting restoration of a 63 fhc.

Hi Ron,
I just sold a bonnet with an extra, brand new, center section to Stu (SequelXKE) on this forum as a package deal. I believe he only needs the under pan and the driver’s fender and would probably be willing to sell you the new center section. I bought that part in the early 70’s and it is still in the original primer.

If that does not work out, I do have some parts of a S1 silver bonnet with at center section that is a bit rough.

I’ll Pm you. Thanks very much.