Need a steering rack for my 1970 E-type coupe. Looking for help to where to fine

Any ideas will help. Just found out that my rebuilt unit continues to leak after several attempts to repair so need to find another unit text

Plenty LHD racks in Uk or Oz

Thank you, Understand UK. but not Oz. Can you explain Oz?

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Otherwise known as Downnundah!

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Welsh seems to have a lot of used parts, I would check with them. JS

or Coventry West…crap they just closed down…JS

They just rebuilt the unit twice and it failed right away both times. Are they out of business now?

Yes, Coventry West officially closed a few months back, but Dick Maury is still active on this site and I’m sure he would want to hear of any failure. JS

OK, great, thank you. How would I get into contact with him?

Can we assume it’s a power steering rack and it’s leaking power steering fluid? Check with Jag rest shops. They may have done power to manual steering swaps in the past and have the left-overs. I’ll look to see if any were kept.