Need drivers front door latch assembly for 93 - 94 USA car


If anyone has a parts car or know of a 1993 - 1994 car in a local you-pull-it junk yard, I am in need of a door latch assembly for the drivers (or left) front door. It is not the handle that I need but rather the part in the back end of the door that engages with the striker post on the B-pillar that holds the door closed.

The latch on my 1994 XJ6 has become too worn to properly hold the door closed. I have tried calling various wrecking yards and all they want to do is sell me whole door.

I could also use the same latch assembly from the passengers side (right side) rear door as well.

Anyone able to help out a fellow XJ40 enthusiast too help get my daily driver back on the road?




Where are you? My salvage yard has s couple early 90s, I have been pulling parts for my 89.

I am in NE Ohio
On Thursday I drove to a yard in Alliquipa PA and they had a 1988 car but not a later car.

MSB auto salvage I think it is a 90 or 91, the white one if it’s still there, not sure but they might pull it and send it. 941-575-4008

If that doesn’t work Dave Welsh has old and new old stock
I saw 3 xj40s on the self in the storage garage…in ohio as well.
Good luck

How do I get in touch with Dave Welsh. Are you talking about Welsh Enterprises in Stubenville Ohio?

There is also Jaguar Heaven in Stockton, California who have a huge inventory of parted out Jaguars, newer and older. Google them for contact info. And I encourage everyone to update their avatar with their location as it helps in answering posts, not to mention it is interesting (at least for me) to see where everyone is from.

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I just called a well known Jaguar and exotic car repair place in Cleveland Ohio and I was quoted $200 - $300 for the latch assembly. I told them “thanks but no thanks”

Yes, tell him gtjoey told you to call………they are in the second building, you can have a field day, plus he has the uprated handles with the stronger springs from years ago.
Good luck!
ask for dave welsh only…

I have the parts, and have PM you yesterday.