Need help buying flat floor vin is 877204

Dealer is selling me a flat floor 62 e-type the vin 877204 is after flat floors were made I ask to prove it. He sent a picture pre restoration but I’m not sure what it should look like.

First of all, welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly knowledgeable folks here.

You are, no doubt, the @zano that I’ve communicated with concerning flat floors on bringatrailer recently. If you can post the photo here (as a new member you may be limited to one photo) no doubt we can comment on it. That said, unless you have photos of the car the day it left the factory, no-one with any detailed knowledge of E-Types is going to believe that 877204 was originally built with flat floors. It is well past the point (876581 for LHD OTS) where heel wells were fitted. Flat floors can be replaced with sunken floors, and vice versa, and many cars have had them replaced more than once in 60 years, so the photo that the dealer has supplied will be of limited value. If you are looking for a flat floor car for the “rarity factor” and possibly increased value that it might have, buying a car that has a serial number beyond the acknowledged change-over point is going to raise a lot of difficult questions if you ever plan to sell it. Just my 2 cents…



Thank You I am the one on bring a trailer. I don’t know how to post pictures here the picture he sent pre restoration has little grooves and it looks like a little v in the back.

That appears to be a flat floor pan. The state of the floor (kind of hard to tell much as the photo is very poor quality) suggests that this is not a “pre-restoration” photo though. That floor looks to be in too good a shape. If you could provide a link to a dealer’s web site where there are more photos we might be able to identify other features on the car and date them. FWIW, here are photos from below of what a flat floor and floor with heel wells look like:

Flat floors:

Floors with heel wells:

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Your best bet is to hire an EXPERT to fully examine, pre-sale, the car in question. Red lights, bells and whistles are raising the hair up on the back of my neck reading your post!. Somethings not right and only with the help of a expert, fully knowledgeable on early E-types, can you expect to get your money’s worth!!!
What it’s worth? Only as much as someone is willing to pay!!!

Good luck and Caveat Emptor

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It’s in a little town close to Hamburg Germany I called and Emailed every place I could find over there to do a ppi for me . Either sorry we don’t have that service or no response. The pictures on the website doesn’t show anything but the top of the car and one shock

NOT even close enough to sufficient information to buy a car. @MartinScherz, or @Carsten may be of help.

I have 876895 and it’s not a flat floor. I agree with what others have stated about the flat floor being discontinued a few months before mine was made.

On a personal note I’m glad mine has the dished floors or else I wouldn’t fit. I just wish I also had the scalloped bulkhead behind the seats!

I am about 3 hours away from Hamburg. PM me with more info, I can then do a local research like reputation etc. of the Vendor.

My own 2+2 is a 1966 so I must say I do not know that much details about very early cars.

There are however E owners in Hamburg who do know more / I can ask.



I smell a rat flat floor to me means rusted out call me twisted. :man_running::red_car:

Flat floor

I‘m 9hrs away (by car). The german advert says nothing about having flat floors? I know not enough to evaluate an early car, the many changes in many details in short order make it hard to spot incorrect fittings for the hobby enthusiast. Why would the car not be listed on xkedata, did I miss that? If you are serious about having a flatfloor, unquestionable car numbers should be of highest priority, then completeness, then condition / quality of build. Don‘t fall for the bling in the pictures. If you‘re not in it for matching numbers spiel, the car looks nice enough on the pictures. If the flatfloor is important to you, take the advice given and get one the books (and fellow enthusiasts) agree on having had them from coventry.


(This is the advert I looked at - this is the correct one, right?)


Hello Zano:

FYI, here’s a link to XKE Data showing 877202 (2 cars earlier) with drop floors: XKE Data - 877202 - Jaguar E-Type (XKE) information, articles, photos and register

And here’s a relevant pic from that link (clearly not flat floor):

Realizing so many years after having left the factory the floors on this particular example may have been replaced but it might be worth your time searching through XKE Data for other examples as there are several, eg. 877189. As an exception, 877192 (below) looks to be a flat floor but by total accident so I believe it’s safe to say you can disregard it. :astonished:


Comparing a further detail from the 877202 entry, the data plate. The 877204 plate is not original. In itself not a problem, the original may have been lost or whatever, just a further detail I would consider if I wanted a real ff. I‘m sincerely not trying to spoil a deal or whatever, just pointing out what would have me concerned. If you like the car and the beautiful folder with nice pictures go for it. As David said, be ready for some questions hard to answer if ever selling day arrives.


I’m really glad I talked to you guys I love cars but always want something a little different. I’ve been looking to buy an e-type flat floor or rhd Jaguar for probably a year now my wife thinks I’m crazy but I enjoy the chase. After all this looking I was just about to pull the trigger on this one. With out the help of the gentleman here I would have made a big mistake. I thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart:. And the search goes on. Zano


If you buy a FF, I hope your shoe size is less than an American 8…:slight_smile:

Brings back bittersweet memories…hard to believe it’s nearl been 4 years since the Camp Fire nearly wiped out the town of Paradise. An inglorious end to 877192…the car had been in the Schott family for well over 30 years. I retired from Bechtel in August of 2017 after 40 years and was getting in the mood of tapping into the 401k to get 877192 restored.

Jim Schott …Jagless for now.



Have you ever driven a flat floor S1 E-type? They were probably the closest to being a street legal race car! Slow speed - hard to steer, cramped, HOT and almost no creature comforts! They were meant to be driven HARD, competition really, not to the local ALDI store! Then spend hours of maintenance prep for the next “race”.

I’d recommend finding someone who has an S1, take a drive if allowed, compare it to an S2 or an S3 then you may be able to make a more informed decision.
While this car may seem enticing I would be VERY leary until MANY issues on this particular car were sorted! While it can be an investment, remember it’s still A CAR!

You have the right Forum to seek help. If I were still in Stuttgart (Zuffenhausen) I’d help but that was another lifetime ago… Ha Ha Just don’t get burned by being over anxious to purchase! After driving you’ll probably sort out which Series is best for you.
Wishing you Happy Trails,

Dick Wells