Need help - Carburettor what is missing?

Oops - the engine I bought and rebuilt has parts missing in it’s carbs.
Am i right that from the pictures following parts are missing:
Jet holder with o-ring
Jet valve
Jet tube (seems to be missing on one item)
Did i miss something ? Should I order jet valves measuring the needle diameter before or should I replace the needles as well (do not look worn) ?
Is there some bracket between the float and the valve that is missing ?

Thanks a lot for your advises !

I sent you a private mail (PM).

I finally figured out that the inner thread is not used on this model and the second tube is only used for the choke function of the right carb. and the enriched gas is then provided to the second by the plastic pipe.
Sorry it was my first carb disassembly since my youth with Bings :smiley: