Need help disassembling VDP front seats

So clearly the back of seat magazine holder/rear panel comes off, somehow. Basic laws of physics points to it moving down/back somehow. Before I destroy things has anyone done this before? I have the adjustment lever unbolted and removed, the single phillips screw on the other side removed, and cannot see any other fittings to remove to facilitate disassembly.

There are no bolts visible to ‘break’ the pivot point and separate the seat back from the bottom frame.

Also I have not been able to remove the headrests, conventional wisdom is that they just ‘pull’ off but I am hitting a hard stop and using unreasonable force and they will not budge.

Just adding empathy but offering no real help. I’ve done this job but it was a long time ago and memory fails (as usual). I think the back is snapped in in a couple places, but not sure. Also, difficulty with the headrests is common and there may be something in the archives. You get a better view after the seatback is off though.

Yeah, got as far as figuring out the snaps- 4 at each corner of the seat back card, and then pulling down to unhook the top and side. With it off I can see what needs manipulating to get the headrest off. The biggest surprise was that every single panel of fabric in the seat back is leather, not just the seating surface as people have said. Even the flap for the magazine holder is leather.

I still can’t see a way to unbolt the back portion from the bottom frame. Patient poking will reveal the solution, which is looking like removing the entire seat frame from the car.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to do. I’ve never separated the back from the frame.

But I’m very interested in what you find out. The S3 VDP seats I originally fit into my S1 have now been moved to my 63 Corvair. That happened when I fit XJ40 VDP seats to my S1 so as to provide rear seat picnic tables for use by our girls (probably about 15-20 years ago). I moved the S3 seats to the Corvair, but it is a two door convertible so it would be nice to tilt the seatback forward to provide rear seat access. I’ve been wanting to see if that’s possible (like XJS seats). Taking them apart would probably be the first step. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some sort of giant rivets!

BTW it’s very easy to get the frame out of the car. If your year uses Torx fasteners, get a good quality wrench–they can be very tight.