Need help / ideas sourcing parts for 3.8 throttle return spring linkage

I have recently acquired a Mark 1 (3.4) that had a rebuilt 3.8 engine put into it. the car is missing the critical spring activitavated throttle return parts. I apologize that I don’t yet have a parts catalogue for this car so I cannot supplly the correct part numbers, But the car is missing the entire see-saw mechanism that links the horizontal throttle rod to the return spring. Missing are the linkage to the throttle rod, the metal piece that attaches to this linkage and the horizontal bracket that is connected to the two carburetors on which this see-saw part pivots. . Anyone have any thoughts on where I might find these missing parts OR have any ideas on how best to fabricate the necessary parts to make the throttle functional ?

On my MK1 ( also a3.4 upgraded to a 3.8) it is all connected another way.
There is no bracket between the carburetors, see picture.
29 connects directly to the arm on the throttle linkage.
Gas-linkage.pdf (92.5 KB)

Jag throttles are complex, and subtly different.

Many share some parts

With an engine change, it’s common to have to change a few things about

The parts can be bought individually off Ebay, or through the “classifieds” on this forum

The problem you have is you need to accurately identify from a picture on the web, or Parts Manuals the exact pieces you are missing

I have many throttle parts, as would others on this forum, who would probably sell to you
for less than Ebay. Throttle parts can be expensive

I have also fabricated or re-purposed parts for myself

Correct springs can be bought off Ebay or major Jag suppliers

Guys, thanks much for your quick and informative responses ! Learning this new information, I believe that I will have the experienced Jaguar mechanic I’ve found look at the situation and advise me as how best to proceed - hopefully he can trouble shoot the issue. At this point I’m hopeful that Peter’s set up is similiar to mine, and only minor bits need to found. I will be sure to indentify the part numbers in a parts book and get back with Tony should I need help ! Thanks again !
This is a great Forum !

You can also go cable. My XJ6 has a part cable system from new.
There are various Jag cable conversions on the market. Some of our number have fitted them. These can also be made up “bespoke”.

Gotta love using the word “bespoke”…perfect language for British anything. I’m trying to get this Jaguar road worthy at this time so I’ll welcome whatever solution is simplest and most cost effective…I’ll go for “style points” later. TBS, I am leaning towards a “bespoke” exhaust system as I need to replace the cobbled together mess presently lurking / leaking under her.

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