Need help identifying these parts, please

Hello, these are from my XK120. I put these away about 28 years ago, unmarked, and today I am having a hard time identifying them. I would be grateful for your help. Thank you.


A=the clips that secure the handbrake cables to the diff axle casing. B= the handbrake mechanism itself, minus the handbrake lever assembly. C= radiator hold downs, D=the rear bumperette spring bars that go inside the boot. F=a door stop. You will need two. They go on the lower door hinge pillar. G=the holddown clips for that part of the wiring loom that’s tucked inside the bootlid hinge panel. You’ll need four. I’ll leave the rest to others.


Thank you, Nick… appreciate your help.


E look like the “nuts” for the bonnet hinge to cowl bolts.
That’s all I’ve got. (Nick grabbed all the easy ones, lol.)

J & K look like the clamps used to hold the 5 and 10 way bullet connectors that mount on the valences to the left and right sides of the radiator.

M= Probably Part of one Silentblock under front Engine Mount Plate (you will need two complete Silentblocks)
L= Bracket for the Wiper Motor
N= Rear Bracket for Throttle Shaft (inline with the Carburettors)
Q= Tapped Plate to fit one Windscreen Side Pillar (you will need two of them)
P= This Clewis Pin relates probably to the Handbrake Mechanism
R= Probably Return Spring from Brake or Clutch Pedal

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B woodruff keys go with the handbrake shaft
H = brake master cylinder shield for LHD
I might be a radiator side shield? Is it bent in an angle?
L = windshield wiper mounting bracket
M = gearbox mount bottom half
N = throttle linkage bracket
P = clevis pin for clutch or brake linkage
R spring could be return for clutch or brake but it looks too long, longer than mine anyway, maybe it hooks on a different place than mine? and the wire diameter looks too heavy duty for throttle return spring.
R bolt with nut threaded all the way on is a stop bolt for the brake pedal lever.
R the other bolt is for several places on brake and clutch linkage parts.
R woodruff key is for clutch or brake pedal shafts.
R rubber o-rings are from the brass swivel bearing on the clutch shaft where it goes through the chassis frame. If you pulled it out, you want to look for a second big flat washer that was on it along with the big coil spring, and dropped inside the chassis when you pulled it out.

Looks like so far everybody is stumped on letter O.
Does it have threaded holes?

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I’d say that item O is the backing plate mounting the bonnet prop rod.

Harold Lang

Also; Q is the master cylinder bolt / backing plate assembly.

Harold Lang

Good spotting on Q. Mine does not have that tapped plate; it has the two nuts. Sure is a trick to get them on along with star washers; I can see why they thought of the plate later.

O is too big for the bonnet prop rod.

Re: O

That is interesting Rob. I just measured the tapping plate for my bonnet stay rod pivot bracket & its
1 1/4" wide, 4 1/4" long & 3/16" thick. Looks exactly as the one pictured. May '53 car.
Harold Lang

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Ok, I see it now, if I ever claim to know everything, somebody slap me around.


Thank you, everyone. I think I have a good handle on this and I will attached your notes to the phots for future reference. So, “O” was the only questionable one, but 1365_WK solved that mystery. The only thing about the bracket “Q” is that it was in the same bag as the rest of the items in that picture and everything was covered with the same greasy grime. So, I don’t think it belongs anywhere near the windscreen; most likely it is related to the brake cylinder. The parts manual I have is a bad copy and some things are not easy to spot. I really do appreciate everyone’s help.


Harold solved Q, too. It’s definitely the tapped plate for the later XK120 tandem master cylinder, which was unique.

1365WK the rego on one of your cars?

Yes it Terry. My '62 E Type registered 1365 WK was a Personal Export Delivery car. It toured the British Isles, France & Italy before being shipped to Canada. Have owned it for 51 years.

best regards Harold Lang



All parts boxed 30 years ago were identified (thanks to your help as well) and today I took them for blasting. We are expecting warmer than usual days for this week, so hopefully I will paint all this before the next rain. Thanks again.


I see some front suspension parts in there.
Be aware that for some parts there are lefts and rights.
Lower wishbone shafts have special shoulder bolts for precise location, and can be put on backwards or on the wrong sides.
Stub axle carriers have a side with flats which goes to the rear, used in caster measurement.
Torsion bars are left and right, marked on the rear end. They are pre-stressed for bending in one direction, so it is very important that they not be put on the wrong sides.
Brake backing plates.

Hi Rob, that’s everything medium and larger that was attached to the chassis. The smaller pieces I can do in my blast cabinet.

I actually engraved “L” and “R” on the parts and I noticed factory part numbers stamped on the ends of the torsion bars. Stub axle carriers, I photographed and kept the shims marked and intact. However, you said that the lower wishbone shafts have special shoulder bolts for precise location. This I did not follow. May you can explain. Thanks.