Need help identifying these parts, please

Looks like a complicated and expensive way of doing a simple job. The slotted nut is fine. You don’t want to over-tighten the bearings.

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Right, Rob, almost aircraft-like…

Could you please identify these parts? Thank you.


Clutch linkage.
clutch linkage 004

Thanks Rob

The bottom of the pin looks like it is broken off.


Bonjour, bien vu ,elle est en effet sectionnée,

There is an entire XK thread on that somewhere, apparently its an inherent weakness that often shears.

At the time of reading that thread, I was just separating some MK7 gearbox from engine, and they have the same part

From memory the pin is available from at least one regular major supplier

The pins are available, but the taper varies. The ones I ordered were incorrect even though they were supposedly correct for my model. If the taper doesn’t fit snugly, it is the wrong size and will not distribute the load.

Yep, several.

Hi Gents,

@Rob in particular

Upon casual inspection, It appeared all the internal clutch parts in a '51 MK7 with SH gearbox were the same as pictures of XK120 parts and were in good condition, probably renewed over 40 years ago, but seen little use

The fork, release parts, tapered pin etc seemed they would be useful to XK120 owners (if they are the same), as “new” parts cant be trusted to fit precisely

Do you know if they are the same, and would be useful ?

I’m not absolutely certain. I would think for '51 both models would use the same fork parts. But nearly all Mark VIIs had the hydraulic operation, which the 120/140 did not, and the Mark VII SPC in my possession only lists the later improved fork as used in XK140.


Mark VII

But the pins are the same anyway.

All I can say is that the new pins I purchased had tapers that were too narrow. I reused the originals which were a much tighter fit.

I’m a little unsure about the supposedly better XK150 parallel pin arrangement here. Not wanting to have to go back into the bellhousing (i.e. engine out), I bought a set of this uprated option from Coventry, but loose assembly has a fair amount of play for the fork on the shaft, and as they’re parallel this isn’t going to change with proper assembly. Surely this increases the potential for failure? I ended up using their ‘best quality’ tapered pins and shaft.
As far as I can see, the parallel ones would only be an improvement if the materials used were in some way different.