Need help removing the intake from my XJ40

Need help getting the intake offf was tryna to replace my head gasket and my timing chain tensioner fell apart and a piece fell off into the lower block debating just replacing the engine and keeping the one in it currently stored somewhere but it’s only sitting at 115k miles and it will run if I get the piece out

Hi Welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the XJ40 list as your car and engine is a different beast from the XJ6 ser 1,2 and 3
It depends on what you are prepared to do yourself, you would have to support the engine from above and remove the subframe to drop the sump to retrieve the broken tensioner parts, failing that as you say you could source another engine and just drop it in.

No you didn’t :rofl:

Yes I have. (Now) ta.

That’s so confusing because on my jag it says xj6/vanden plas

Yeah I diddnt know if that part of the frame was welded on or what not to get the oil pan off but so Im also curious as to so because it came apart and what not could I put it back together or is it broken now that it’s came apart

One of those anomalies in naming for different parts of the world, the fact that you have a 4.0 litre straight 6 engine means that it is an XJ40 as the Ser 1,2 and 3 came with either 2.8 (few 3.4) 4.2 straight 6 and a V12 5.3 engine.
WRT the tensioner take a pic of what you have and post it using the up arrow.

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Ngl, I’ve been driving my car with a timing chain tensioner piston rattling in the oil pan since Sept. of 2009. It had 96k miles then, now it’s at 159k.

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So what does the vanden plas mean

Hello Kenzie …

Your post is titled “need help removing intake from my XJ40”. I assume you mean the intake manifold,
is that your problem? If so let us know.

But if your problem is the piece(s) of the timing chain tensioner that fell into the engine that’s another issue entirely. Before you start dropping the subframe and removing the oil pan you might want to consider some other options …

If you know what actually dropped into the engine and what size it is first I would drain out the oil from the sump and see if it comes out.

If it’s metallic you could securely attach a magnet to a flexible rod and go fishing from the top. Probably a long shot but worth a little of your time. Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky.

Next consider that anything in the oil pan has to get sucked up into the engine to do any damage.
That’s why there is a screen on the oil pickup, to prevent that kind of damage. So it’s an excellent bet that it will just stay there in the bottom of the oil pan forever.

If all that fails and you just can’t live with knowing something is down there in your oil pan then your only option is to drop the oil pan, but on this car that is a very complicated and expensive process.

It designates a top-of-the-line trim level. Why Vanden Plas? According to our good friends at Wikipedia:

Vanden Plas is the name of coachbuilders who produced bodies for specialist and up-market automobile manufacturers. Latterly the name became a top-end luxury model designation for cars from subsidiaries of British Leyland and the Rover Group, it was last used in 2009 to denote the top-luxury version of the Jaguar XJ (X350).

It’s not confusing at all, there are different cars all named A6 or 318i or C200 or whatever, El Camino, XJ6…
There’s three generations (Series) of XJ based on the first body and then from the XJ40/XJ81 the XJ6 was a completely different car with a completely new engine. You don’t have an X350 either, and it’s still named XJ.

Vanden plas, the S is not silent. Just the best trim level.

It’s just weird because on my badges it says xj6/vanden plas on it but when I pull the vin it’s just saying vanden plas no xj6

As well more the intake cuz I pulled off the head to do my head gasket but the intake was a pain in the ass so I had left it in just wanted some advice getting the coolant lines out

Jaguar bought Daimler and VdP at some time and badge engineered these based on the Jaguar base model. So it may be listed as VdP only and it still is an XJ6 at heart.

Wait so is it actually a xj40 or xj6 though

There’s three generations (Series) of XJ based on the first body and then from the XJ40/XJ81 the XJ6 was a completely different car with a completely new engine. You don’t have an X350 either, and it’s still named XJ.

XJ6 just means 6 cylinder experimental Jaguar.

Kenzie …

Where are you on your posted problem … “dropped something into the engine” ?

Indeed, it is not, and it has a very interesting history!