Need help removing the sun roof on a MK IV

I would like info on how to remove the sliding sun roof on my '48 MK IV if anyone has some hints!!!

From memory the holes you are feeling for are about 1/4" diameter. Having found them you need to poke a pointed tool through the cloth and give the tool a sharp tap. When refitting the roof panel make sure that “spring toggles” have both been locked into place as described. I still have a vivid memory of driving home and closing the roof only to find myself steering to avoid oncoming traffic with one hand whilst holding the roof panel flying totally clear of the car above me with the other hand as I slowed down from 50 mph.

This is what my '38 SS has in the front corners.

I did it in 2019.

Now, you’d never have that level of excitement in a modern car! :grin:

The sunroof on MKV has given me trouble over the years. It has often been difficult to close and lock and this is due to the leather material fitted to the rear slides. The thickness has to be just right. Also the adhesive needs to be durable.


Oh, I don’t know about that! Our “modern” has no sunroof but does have air con. I got a call from my wife last year telling me that there was smoke coming from under the bonnet. I took a taxi to her location and on inspection discovered that the compressor had seized and the drive belt was dragging itself on a static pulley.

Just as exciting for her as my flying roof adventure. Life is full of interesting fun.

Peter :slightly_smiling_face:

Here some pictures of the position at each side you need to find the small access holes in the roof lining (towards the windscreen and about 1/2" from the side trim), then knock upwards with a small screwdriver the locking toggle clips which are behind these small holes (you may find that one side will re-lock when you go to the other side - so may need 2 screwdrivers), to then raise up the front leading edge of the sunroof and slide it forward until the rear clips slide slide off and the whole sunroof can be taken off over the roof. As said, the leather on the rear are critical thickness when replacing.

Thanks everyone, found the holes no problem, the clips released as they should so all is well. Terrible to get old as I should have known this trick as I had removed it probably in the '80s when it had no headliner and reinstalled in 2002. Too bad I made no notes. I pop rivetted folded up teflon sheet in place of the leather - slides in and out very smoothly.

I need the same help, but for installing the sunroof on my MK V. I have no idea how to mount the sunroof so that it works and is as tight as it should be. Unfortunately, I can’t know, because I didn’t remove it myself, because I bought the MK V disassembled.


A search of the archives reveals several threads on Mark V sunroofs.

Let’s be sure you have all the pieces.