Need help replacing abs cable

Need some expert help,
I have to replace the abs cable at the left rear hub. I see where the cable passes through the body work into the trunk area but instead of connecting to the abs control module behind the left side trunk liner, it curves up and under the fuel tank. What’s up with that, does it connect to a junction of some sort behind the tank? If so, the replacement cable I have does not look long enough. The build date was 1/94, vin 69****. One odd thing I should mention is when I replaced the shocks on all 4 wheels the 94’s did not fit and had to use ones for a 95. Any thoughts on that.
Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Sorry never replaced the cable, so no info other than checking part number to see if it’s the right one … BTW it is possible to repair/solder/splice your existing cable if there is an accessible spot to do it.
The 94’s rear shocks are the same as on the 95 X300 and not like the 93 and earlier cars, 94MY uses X300 rear suspension system.

Remove the rear seat and look where the ABS wheel speed link harnesses plug into the body harness.

The connectors should be under the seat bottom so the seat back should not need removal.


Thanks for your reply Larry. Splicing the new to the old would sure be a faster and easier way to go. I think I’ll check the part # for the 95 X300 just to see if that is different. Either way I can’t imagine why any plug-in connection be under a fuel tank. There is no slack in the cable to allow it to be pulled out to expose a connector if there was one. I must be missing something.

Thank you Bob for your reply. That makes a lot more sense to me and I will try that this morning. Do you know if there are any pictorials showing the routing of wire harnesses through the bodywork? That would sure make life easier.

This explains why the rear shocks I ordered from Rock Auto for my 94 Sovereign were the wrong fitment. Sadly I didn’t unbox them till well after the return period expired!

Is the old bus running again yet Sean?

Not yet, Larry…but I am about to post a trove of pics about the rebuild process. As you may recall, original problem was a broken stub axle bearing in the diff, that much parts have been acquired, however the process of removing them exposed some terrible problems with the hub carriers, mostly completely seized fulcrum bearings, but the wheel bearings were shot as well. So the rebuild project took a hiatus while life got in the way. I will add to my original post the trials and tribulations I have suffered since. By the time it is a daily driver again, I will not have swapped my summers on…the front wheels still have the studs, back wheels of course are off.

OK, Larry, now I am a bit confused. (Sorry to the OP for hijacking this thread). If you look in the following photo of my original coil over shocks:

and the rock auto replacement shocks, there is no shelf or flange on the shock to catch the spring, even though the pic on the box shows one.This is why I assume that I have the wrong part. Am I missing something here? I am confused because when I look at the 1995 (X300) rear shocks on Rock Auto, the thumbnails show the same straight shock barrel, and if I am not mistaken, SNG parts diagrams show a straight shock barrel with no shelf or flange to hold the coil. What gives?

My mistake, SNG shows a shelf…but rock auto thumbnails don’t?

Your VIN is probably pre what I would call 94MY - the shocks you need are 93 and earlier type. The bolt size is also different at the base of the shock. The changeover to X300 style is at VIN 696460.

This is why it’s never a good idea to refer to our cars by year, the VIN is the only reliable way to identify production, despite parts people insisting on asking “what year is it” :wink:

Post VIN 696460 wishbones are cast like the X300; your car will have pressed steel wishbones.

Thanks for the info Larry.

My vin is 698893 and the parts are as you described for the X300. If someone could create an encyclopedia of obscure Jaguar details and wierd bits of info they’d make millions.