Need help with abs brake pump

I have a jaguar 1997 xk8 ! I wonder if the hydraulic abs system from 1998 and 1999
works on my car ! I do not need the abs module! I will use mine!

Very expensive new, as it is usually sold as an assembly, but plenty of used ones out there. If it is running, it is probably OK,and that module is the troublemaker.

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The 1997 X100 is a ‘one-off’ ABS module for that car and that year. (there are two modules, traction control and except traction control)

JLM20129=Except Traction Control (5 pipes, 6 valves)
JLM20130=Traction Control (6 pipes, 9 valves)
The numbers on the plastic housing are NOT the Jaguar part numbers.

They are hard to come by because of the ‘only one year’ production.

I think that the hydraulic unit should interchange with one of like kind (pipe and valve matchup).

I have not tried a different MY hydraulic unit in a Jaguar but the modules do need to match the car. All the 5 pipe or 6 pipe hydraulic units look identical so as long as the pipe configuration is the same it ‘should’ work.

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There was problems with dry solders on some abs units causing abs light to be stuck on is this your problem

No , I got problem fixed! Thanks