Need help with identifying oil pan

Need help with identifying oil pan for a project that Im doing on my 57’ Mk1. Previously the car had a 3.8 with the original “steel” pan. The steel pan is cracked and bent in multiple places. A friend gave me an “alloy” pan that looks like it will work except that the oil pick up is not in the same place. On the original steel pan, the oil pickup is roughly 4" from the back of the pan, on the alloy version, its closer to 7" and looks to also be “deeper” into the pan. I need to identify the correct pick up and then figure out where I can get one. thanks, Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

Look’s like the later MK2 Alloy sump , not sure if the MK1 is the same , but if you fit a alloy sump you need a 1/2 spacer between the chassis and roll bar , so bar clears the sump , with a steel sump spacers are not needed !

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Thanks Ian, I will keel the roll bar clearance in mind.

If your car had a 3.8 engine, it did not come from a Mark 1., which were only manufactured in 2.4 & 3.4 engine sizes.

Could you reposition the oil pick up plate?

Yes, at some point in my cars life it received a 3.8. JS

Thanks Robin, I cannot reposition the plate, but I can try and cur down the pick up tube. I was hoping to be able to identify the correct model that the pan came from and then just buy the proper pickup. JS

Looks like a MK10 sump, post a shot showing the R/ H side. Also measure from the front of the sump to the pick up point in both cases. There’s also a problem re the seal at the rear, should be obvious ! , depending on the year of the engine this might be solvable.

I expanded the hole in the baffle plate and altered it in some other way to accommodate my pickup tube

Should be a part number on the Sump :thinking:

Ok, I failed to take the easy step and look for the part #, duh… its C19211, which looks to be a aluminum pan for a MkX, now if anyone has a spare Mk X pickup tube, please let me know, it looks like the part # would be C19215. thanks. Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

Jeff you are far better off fitting a Ali MK2 sump, or second best one from a XJ. The oil pickup pipe is the same for both types, if anyone disputes this I suggest they check the part number / s, generally the Ali MK2 sump coincided with the larger oil pump.
What’s the project and which engine?

Peter. Its a MK1 which at some point was installed with a 3.8. The 3.8 had issues, so I was able to get a 4.2 from an etype. The etype pickup pulls from the center of the pan. I had hoped that I could use the 3.8 pickup but its too long. I may just cut it down or as you suggested, just get an XJ6 pan and pickup.

this may or may not cause complications, it did for me,
I had to make alterations to the Oil filter Housing, so be aware

Cutting the 3.8 pickup pipe suggests you are considering fitting the E type sump, is this the case? You will have to raise the engine some !!:grinning:
Is the 3.8 pickup pipe 3/4”or 7/8” OD ?

I fitted a Oil filter housing from a 240 onto a XJ6 3.4 Engine , far as I know they are all interchangeable, with no mods :thinking: