Need help with IDS/ VCM to reset TPS

I am trying to reset the tps on my 95 XJS with AJ16 engine .
I have a VCM 1 and ids version 125.04 hooked to my obdII.
When I go to ids setup and configuration menu I only see the security option , thee is nothing to reset the tps.
basically I do not have a full menu.
my guess is that I need something named calibration files .
am I right?

I’m assuming you’ve already tried looking under the other folders?

Put in a VIN for a 1996. Do you only need the last six digits, or all 13? I forget what it asks for.

It depends , my standalone IDS 125 asked for last 6 digit however my newer software SDD 131 asks for the entire vin number.
SDD switches to IDS when i enter a 1996 xjs vin number automatically.

WHat happens when you put in SAJNX2749TC226399?

it switches back to ids

Yes. It’s supposed to do that.

I see you now get the option to reset the Throttle Pot. I believe that’s what you were looking for? When it asks you if you installed a new throttle potentiometer, click YES.

first time I said NO ,:grin: then I learned that I had to lie to the IDS
just for fun try to enter a 1995 xjs vin , you would lose most of the setup and configuration menu.