Need help with setting up Auto box,on 1966 S type

Hi,everybody, i am new to this forum, and need some help, i am trying to put back on the road this 1966 s type, which has been off the road for over 5yrs,i have got it running but it only goes into park and drive, no sign of N neutral or reverse,i don’t know what it was like before…It was a 3.8 but someone put a 4.2, if that makes any difference ?? I have been playing with the linkage on the column,but its not helping.any ideas…

Hi John welcome to the forums, it will help to know what box you have seeing as the engine has been changed, these came out with the DG box behind the 3.4 and 3.8
With the car having a 4.2 the (D)PO may have used the accompanying transmission.

Hi, not sure , i will try to find out a bit more. whats D PO ?

(Dumb) previous owner. If you can, crawl in or under to see the oval data plate, left side of the case, or just take a picture of the transmission. Other clues, maybe: is it PRN-D2-D1-L (BW8 when linkage, BW12 when vacuum tube and can at the rear), PRND-2-1 (BW35, 65, 66, aluminium), PNDLR…? Hard to tell if he didn’t change the part on the column but maybe you can tell by the detents.

ok thanks ,its going to take me a bit of time to read the manuals and have a go at adjust the linkage

David was being kind, its normally read as ‘Damn previous owner’

Okay, in any transmission I can think of there’s either N or R between P and D. So if the linkage is misadjusted, you should have either N or R, but you say you have neither. Maybe worth another look.

If you have park at the one extreme and it lines up that’s a good start I would say :slightly_smiling_face:
If reachable and once we’re at the end of our wit you could remove the cable from the selector and try for the positions right at the transmission. Are your detents alright?

Thanks, Its got P, but then when moved down , it straight into D ,it feels like you go through other gears ?? I didn’t want to drop the exhaust to get to the linkage,unless i have to

in my opinion, you want to verify that the shifter linkage at the trans move into each discreet position, and then verify with an assistant that the column shifter moves the linkage into the corresponding positions. I am pretty sure the S type could have a DG or BW trans and that they have different linkage positions, so if the trans has been swapped, it would not engage correctly if this wasnt taken into account.

Do you have the Service Manual ?

Thanks for all replies,I will look into them all.slowly.

You do feel the detents in the transmission… do you?

Good luck, I‘m afraid I can’t be of more help. We‘ll see what you can find.

Sorry the internet has been down, i am looking into all the suggestions…

hi, sorry the internet has been down, i will get round to checking all these things out.

Hi John just so you know you can reply to all posters in the same post, save you making multiple posts for the same thing.

Thanks , i am better at fixing cars then playing with the internet.

silly me. i thought D P O was some kind of tech talk :smiley:

hi john, how you getting on with your gearbox. i have a similar problem with my s type that someone has interefered with. dg250 box. at first i just had 2nd and 3rd didnt hold in park and kickdown worked. i made a small adjustment and now have 1st 2nd and 3rd but dont lock in park and while in park or neutral will creep forward slightly if engine revved.wish i knew someone local (dagenham essex) who knew what they were doing and could adjust it properly.