Need Help with the Definition of Scuttle

Help me out. Spare Parts Catalogue, 1961 version, page 267, reprinted below. It calls for a 13"x15" piece of Flintkote on the RH and LH side of the Scuttle. What are they referring to?

The outboard part of the footwell covered by the kick panels?


The scuttle panel is most usually the part between windscreen and bonnet , where the windscreen wipers are mounted - in roadsters, the top panel of the dashboard can also have the same name… The panel between the engine compartment and passenger compartment (the vertical panel) is the bulkhead.

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@thelews that was my interpretation but there isn’t any logical place on the sheet metal between the windscreen and bonnet that a 13"x15" piece would fit, is there?
Also by definition, the Flintkote is anit-drumming, so one would think it would be used on larger flat panels that can “drum”.

I think it means to intentionally sink the ship. I know, not helpful in the least, but I couldn’t resist.

Obligatory Jag content: If this car screws me one more time I’m going scuttle the whole project:-)



Well, it does say “most usually” so I guess you might fall into the “at least sometimes” area.

I think it could also be used loosely to mean the upper part of the bulkhead.

Sounds about right for the forward (vertical) area of the foot wells… though I have no idea how that might be described as being to the sides of the scuttle.

I wonder if it could mean the top of the footwells where the pedals protrude or blanking plates reside. Although you can see on my car only that mohair stuff was adhered there.


My understanding is the scuttle is the entire area, comprised of the firewall, dash panels, and in the E, the front sections of footwell.

More or less, the bit between the bonnet and door shut lines.

Old Brit cars like Morgans, T-series MGs, Singers and even TRs, suffer from “scuttle shake”. In the case of an old Moggie, it gets bad enough to make reading the instruments difficult!

I see scuttle as the entrance to something. I would call the area where your legs enter a scuttle. In this case it is 3 sides the upper, left, and right. For some reason I don’t see the floor as part of it.

The area where the instruments are I would call a cowl.

Just another name for bulkhead, so most likely means the foward panel of the footwells, which fits those dimensions.

I checked the dimensions of my forward panels that close off the footwells. It’s not a perfect fit versus the dimensions given in the SPC but I have to agree this is the only place that makes any sense.

Yep they sure do…… I had a Riley RMD ( drophead) that scuttle shake was so bad on the early cars that the battery was removed from the scuttle to under the floor to reduce the shaking of the car to bits


I had a ‘54 RME. Nice car but sorely underpowered at 1.5L

Not the 2.5 still strong at 85 mph and wanting to go faster…I wasn’t game !...very very hi torque motor…… put into 4 th on flat ground ……and start to drive …no gear changes required! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beautiful car. I like the matching wheel covers and license plate!