Need lower spring seat for front drivers side it is rusted and split

Need lower spring seat(Spring not the problem) for front drivers side it is rusted and split. please quote price and delivery. i cant locate part.

That looks serious. Welcome nevertheless. Try David at “Everyday XJ.”
I just searched, and he has one. C43058 is the P/no.

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Shows up first time and posts a nightmare photograph.


You understand, I presume, that replacing this spring seat can be dangerous and involves the use of a spring compressor to accomplish safely?

I would have been nervous simply taking this photo!!!

No problem, a quick belt with a 5 pounder should have the spring out in no time flat.

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I hope that Hammer has a very long handle, as I would not want to be close when that spring comes flying out of there.

Stop scaring the guy, there is plenty of life left in that spring pan, just ask gipsy welder to give you a hand.

Nice photo. Reminds me old muscle cars with plenty of fireworks, braking with use of front spring against the road…

Taking it out is not an issue. If the car is lifted - spring is decompressed to a safer load level (if it still survives lowering on the wheels of course).
At this point however - the last thing I would recommend - would be genuine spring compressor (Kirbert - you really wanna kill the guy, don’t ya…)
Best approach would be the wide, round rubber pad and the floor jack with wheels/rollers taken off (flat on the floor). Fiddling with internal spring compressor at this particular example seems like looking into the barrel of fully loaded AR-15 rifle, with safety off…
Juwt imagine the look of the turrets on top of the subframe… Guessing these are no better.

This is a true Pearl of British design, photo should be placed in the British Automotive’s Hall of Fame…

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I tried this method once, and I got the spring out, but the final step when the spring left by it’s own uncontrolled volition accompanied by a loud noise was bloody scary to say the least…

This is definitely one of those times where it’s going to pay dividends to take it to a shop to have done. Hand them the part and ask them when you can come back.

Might not be a bad time to buy new springs?

Are you suggesting intentional exposure of unskilled workforce to potential death or disability?
Captain America would be disappointed…

Who else can do it better if not the owner of The Jag…

Someone that sometimes has more experience perhaps?

…and a lift, with a wide array of specialty tools?