Need photo of a S2 2+2 seat adjustment lever

The seats in my project car did not come with levers used to adjust the seat backs.

Does anyone have a photo they could send me of what the S2 2+2 levers look like?

Someone told me they are basically flat bar, but the ones on the SNG site are chrome and look pretty good so I’m a bit confused :slight_smile:
Thanks, Pat

I am pretty sure the S2 seats have the flat bar and not those nice polished chrome units that were on earlier seats. I could be wrong as my car is an OTS and not a 2+2.

here is a pic of my seat bottom and you can see the adjusting bar on the left. sorry it wasnt the focus of this shot so it just gives you an overall look from an Aug 69 seat from an OTS

Some time ago I posted these photos on the ‘old site’, hope they help you.
Click on a photo to view enlargement.

Regards, Joel.


Thanks so much, Pat

Just the levers? These may help.

Behind that slotted screw, washer and star washer is a square hole in the lever

Picture showing the twist in the lever taking the lever from vertical to hr

Just the levers?

These are on my 69 FHC, which should be identical,

The first shows the end that attches to the deat. There is a wauare hole under that slotted screw, washer and star washer.

This picture shows the twist in the lever.

Happy to take measurements if you require them.

Hi Pat…as far as im aware some 2+2 had the chrome lever and others the flat bar type lever and from memory the seats with the metal hing covers has the chrome lever and seats with the cheap look thin plastic covers had the flat lever…my car a 69 2+2 had the flat…i replaced them with the chrome type but it wasnt a straight forward swap…i had to fettle i bit to get a good fit…Steve

The S2 cars originally came with the flat lever as shown above. The same lever was used for both the right and left seats. They were secured with a pan-head screw with washer. The pivot covers were metal and did not have a tab that extends and screws to the seat back.


Beginning around 1970 model the flat lever was changed to the chrome, round ones as seen in Joel’s photos. They were RH and LH parts and were secured with a special chrome slotted screw and 3/16 flat washer.

The pivot covers, still metal, added a ‘tab’ that extended to attach to the seat back. Note that the plastic covers are strictly aftermarket.


This later set up was extended into the S3 roadster. The S3 2+2 was the same except that they had a double handle so that folks in the back seat could tilt the seats.


Richard Liggitt

Here are some photos of the lever from my 8/69 build S2.
The lever has a generous coating of original paint.

As you can see they welded a larger “nut” area on the end. the overall length is 9 1/2" long

Bob F