Need piston rings

After 3 months now its become obvious XKs isn’t going to fill my order. Who else sells piston rings sized for our 3.4 engines, +.060?

Deves hasn’t returned my call.

Grant Piston Rings.

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My luck, their store is closed to a facelift.

They’ll open, soon!

Try Hastings?

The fellow who helped me assemble my 3.4 a few months back, on seeing that I had sourced Deves rings, warned me that they’re hard to seat, at least that has been his experience rebuilding Porsche engines. The engine starts right up and idles nicely but compression is 20# under spec and there’s noticeable smoke in the exhaust. Same fellow said he’s not surprised, to quit running the engine and when I get the car done I’ll need to do some spirited runs to get the rings bedded in. By contrast the rings in the Mahle pistons I installed in my 4.2 bedded in easily.

My advice, take Wiggles’ advice. Go with Grant or Hastings rings instead.

Also, unless in a brand-new bore, do NOT use a chrome top ring.

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Thanks. Yes a TC engine that has 100 miles is still not seated, Deves rings are still weeping.

I installed Mahle pistons/rings… I just need an oil scraper.

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