Need rear bumper stuff

1987 SIII that I sold 17 years ago has come back to me for free… I should have opted for a free boat!
Anyway, only 11k miles more on it from my last possession but now the clear coat is all coming off, it was backed into on the left rear door and sitting 8 years after she started to get hot on a drive then parked. The prior owner took off the bumpers to service the tanks, he lost the brackets on the right side and snapped off the bolts on the chrome piece that joins to the back chrome.

Anyone have the brackets and a good right side rubber and chrome bit that they want to part with?

Hello, David,
What a disappointment to see how someone neglected a car that you once owned. How sad!
Welcome to Jag Lovers from ElinorB.

Visit David Boger at Everyday XJ if you are in the US. He’s a fellow lister who breaks XJs in the Carolinas and a great guy. I’m sure he would have what you need. No affiliation except a very satisfied customer. @DavidBoger

Not sure how I have faired over the same time… gained weight, lost hair, my hide is getting thinner and my better half says I must have a blown head gasket the way I snore at night…


Thanks for the tip

Hi David and welcome.

Where are you located?
Better put all the relevant info to your profile, helps a lot.

If you are in Europe I have some stuff.

Thank you for the heads up on my profile. Unfortunately I am in Texas. Appreciate the thoughts on the parts.

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