Need rear view mirror on door recommendation

im removing generic 60’s door mirrors. what would be period correct for a 63 ots? i already have a hole drilled in each door by the previous owner.
appreciate advice and pix.

I thought series one had bullet mirrors on the bonnet, didn’t they?

I removed the door mirrors on my Series 3 and out bullet mirrors on the bonnet. Love the look but they are not very practical due to limited coverage

who needs rear view mirrors ? sorry, couldn’t resist…

My 66 had the series 2, 3 on the driver’s door. I added one to the pass door. I think all of the usuals have them. Note that on the pass side the ball mount doesn’t let the head turn enough, but with a fish-eye on it it’s very usable.

Safety first, I like to make sure a moron isn’t eating my fender before making a turn.

I noticed the same problem with the right side mirror. I took mine to a metal fabrication shop and explained the problem and what I thought might correct it.
I had them heat the stem, carefully, and then twist the stem ‘out’ several degrees. I knew that it might break and the chrome might be damaged. One small mark, smaller then a BB, was all that resulted except the right side mirror is now useable.
I did post about the process so it is searchable.


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I’ve mostly seen the Tex mirrors, though I’ve read on this site, all mirrors were dealer adds. So some variety.

Not so funny. While we now have only limited driving on ours as it is only recently completed, - no side mirrors at all! Not bad at all to drive. My '56 Ford didn’t have any either since it was an option back then. Visibility is very good on the FHC in an absolute sense as well as relative to many new crash proof cars (our Infinti coupe is like a German Panther tank). I know this sounds stupid but cranking my head around works fine (our car had them on the doors and they were ALMOST symetrical). Our pieced together bonnet also had them on the fenders, so we could have had 4…

I have them on mine…

Mike Harris



One is required in Calif.

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