Need the fuel tank hose connection ID

Does anyone know the ID of the short hose that connects the filler neck to the fuel tank on a Series II.

Mine has decided to leak.

I am in the process of restoring my Series III OTS –
Which included pulling the fuel tank for painting of the boot –
Which included purchasing a replacement fuel tank hose –
Which is sitting on the shelf in my shop.

If Jaguar kept the dimension of this hose the same between Series II and III (which is logical and would = a cost savings), it’s an easy measurement.
So – anyone know: is it?

Thanks Craig. I can think of no earthly reason why they would have changed it.

Can’t you just measure the OD of the steel bit of pipe below the rubber hose?

I don’t know If I can or not with the tank in the car. Maybe I can get a caliper in through the oval access hole.

Didn’t save the old one and didn’t measure the new one… but I’ll note that I did use a J-L suggestion to notch the replacement to be able to fit the whole thing (longer than the original):

P/N C18936, common to all Series E-types and the MK10. When I did the resto I tried to find a generic replacement hose. Found one that was close but just a tad too big, so bought the standard SNG offering.

According to SNG Barratt’s site, the C18936 Hose applies to all years/models of E-Type.
So yes – what I am posting here applies to all flavors (and Nic beat me to it while I was loading photos) . They are asking $26.41 for a new one and $43.27 for a silicon version.

The caption of each photo tells the story (if it isn’t immediately obvious from the pic itself). All measurements are in US inches to 4 decimals places, but . . .

. . . Note on photo 4a, my hose was compressed in shipping so diameter measurements are iffy. I took half a dozen measurements of ID – trying to squeeze the hose back into a circle vs ovoid
– and got 2.27 - 2.32. Call it 2-1/4+ish; or 2-5/16 = 2.3125

Craig, Steve, Geo, Nick, Thanks for the input.

The local monsoon stopped long enough for me to wander out to the garage and do some measuring.
couldn’t get a caliper on the tank neck because the hose was tight against the top of the tank, but I could get it on the filler neck above the hose. I came up with 2-3/16".

I wonder if the silicon version offered by SNG is flexible enough to install with the tank still bolted to the car? Anybody have any experience with the silicon hose from SNG?

I bought the regular rubber item and was able to install it in situ. It was a bit of a struggle though, and I had to shorten the hose a quarter inch or so to clear. I used hand soap as a lubricant, bent the hose as I forced it over the tank inlet then slipped it upward. FHC clearance might be different.

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Good to know it can be done. Thanks. I guess I’ll order one from Welsh tomorrow. Installation will be a nice rainy day project.