Need Tips on compression testing

Warm up engine. Disconnect fuel pump… Pull plugs and accelerator wide open.
Is that it I have 3 SU carbs.

Also lift carb pistons…but comparative results, not absolute results, only requires exact same technique from test to test.

Having set fire to a few things with plugs out, I also like to pull a wire off the coil. Then crank away.
With throttle WOT little chance of fuel getting in but…

On a 3.8 E just use the remote starter button …no need to disconnect anything…

Should one ground the coil to distributor wire.

No need if you pull the positive lead off the coil.
If the coil will spark, the yes ground the spark plug lead.

if it is one you have ressurrected you might want to do a coll test possibly with/withoil oil before warm test as it can give you a few clues in my experience - i picked up a 140 ots that was made to turn by a very large wrench extension on crank nothing much to lose. anyway different if you have a redone rings and valves. - ran pretty good for an engine that was unknown for 4 years and app50,000. miles till i gave it a ball hone & upgraded head. still have car and head but block ended up with severe stress corrosion type cracking between bores that looked like going down webs they were still basically worthless unless in very good condition here nw states and british columbia

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