Need toSign Infor each visit to site!

I find that in order to access all the various Forums & Topics I find that I have to Sign In at the start of each visit even though I don’t ever Sign Out, unlike the Old Site where IIRC one would remain Signed In for long periods.
It just seems a little irksome.

I’m using iPad with Chrome and can’t remember the last time I had to sign in.
Perhaps something to do with your settings.:thinking:

Either on my phone, or on the laptop, i have to do the same: then again, recently (6 months) I had to begin doing that with Facebook and Gmail, too.

Hi I’m still using Firefox as ever (10+ years), but I’ll check to see if one of my Apps is removing Cookies!
Thanks for the thought.

I suspect this is a browser problem.

Both my Edge and Chrome browsers (on Win 10) log me in automatically, as does my android phone.

(Although I stay logged on 24/7 with edge, I use Chrome for my test account.)

There are phone apps for both android and iphone

EDIT: Some of those “clean up” tools can be configured to remove passwords, are either of you using one of them?

Firefox quantum V.52.02 no problems

I have Firefox set to remove cookies when I close it. I stipulate that certain cookies from particular sites can remain.

BTW, Firefox has a great new app available called Detrumpify. I have it configured to replace certain orange-containing photos with photos of puppies. Kittens are also available.