Need US source for key fob '96 X300

We are down to the Valet key from the factory, the keys are NOT chip keys. The replacements are problematic, we have one that starts the car, will lock at the door okay but will not unlock it. Any reasonable reliable sources for aftermarket fobs to lock and unlock the car? Thank You

ALL TIBBE keys will LOCK the doors, only the correct key will OPEN the lock!!!

Have a new one cut?

Here is a document we got when I was at the dealer and I had it copied to a JPEG and then a .pdf in the late 1990s. (ancient technology)

76-64 Tibbe Door Lock Repair.pdf (2.7 MB)

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These are fine folks:

Thanks John, I was on the phone with triple c yesterday and have ordered another key from him, fortunately my wife’s misplaced set appeared last night as well. What I was looking for was a fob that would work with the 96 to lock and unlock the doors at the 433 frequency. We do have one original left, no dealers seem to have the originals, just looking for something compatible.
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Thanks for the PDF! Good to archive.

DBC11512 only available used. And expensive.

If you’re in New England USA and need to use dealership computer let me know. The fob can be programmed without it though.

I’ve seen those round remotes for 250 no returns on the bay. No thank you. Have also been talking with a local dealer in the aftermarket fobs that tells me the Jag’s are a huge pain for him, although the older ones are a little mellower to work with. I think I’ll see if he can return special orders to his vendors, and if so see what’s out there that may be compatible. Thanks for the invite, we do summer on Buzzards Bays in SE Mass, the Jag however lives in Florida as the winter ride. Now that the misplaced set has been found we’re back to one regular key, one valet, and a new one on the way from 3C.

Thanks for this! We got our '97 x300 this past September. Came with 1 key and 1 fob (worn out buttons but mainly functional). I am frightfully bad at remembering where I’ve left my keys and having a spare makes all the difference some days.
Just ordered another key, thankfully the handbook with keycode was still with the car.

bad at remembering where I’ve left my keys

Air tags (or Android equivalent) will change your life forever.

Actually the gent at Triple C can work off a clear close up photo of the older keys as there are 8 slots with 3 variations, as I suppose any other competent Jag key person could. Don’t have the code, take a shot now before you lose it. The triple c key arrived and is perfect.

I have a round X300 fob that Bob Gauff (AKA MotorcarMan) gave me and I no longer need. If anyone needs it, PM me after March 13 when I return home from Australia and I’ll dig it out.


There are different frequencies for the North American market. (might be for ROW as well?)

15-07 Keyfob Transmitter Battery Replacement.pdf (19.1 KB)
15-18 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide.pdf (46.4 KB)
18-04 Rear Door False Alarm.pdf (97.9 KB)
18-05 Panic Alarm.pdf (149.1 KB)
18-06 Manual Programming.pdf (106.2 KB)
18-07 Inclination and Intrusion Sensors.pdf (83.9 KB)
18-08 Erratic Operation or No Start.pdf (13.7 KB)
18-09 Keyfob Transmitter Battery Replacement.pdf (20.3 KB)
18-10 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide.pdf (44.6 KB)
18-12 Security System – Frequency Change.pdf (91.2 KB)

Thank, great stuff, downloaded and going into my Jag folder!!

Gus should have all the TSBs that I have from the dealer when I worked there. I sent him all I had plus I’m sure he has later cars added to the site. (