Needed: Steering idler MK V

Dear MK V enthusiasts
Unfortunately the steering idler of our XK 120 RHD is missing since many years.
Does eventually someone has a RHD MK V idler for sale or would like to
exchange with a LHD unit (complete refurbished: new shaft, bushing and seals)?

Thank you for trawling trough your spare parts :+1::grinning:Lukas

Hi Lukas,

I would need to go and dig my pile of MKV front suspension and steering bits, it’s possible I have something, but am in Zürich at the moment and those parts are at the cottage in Southern Finland. I’ll PM you if I find one.


Hi Ptelivuo

Thank you very much for your message! That sounds like a very promising plan​:+1::+1:
It’s very funny, I live near Zürich but am away for the weekend :grinning:.
Thank you very much for having a look at your parts.
A cottage in Southern Finland as a mechanic refugium sounds very scenic. Do you work on MK V’s overthere?

Have a nice weekend :hugs:

Best Regards

Hi, I have a refurbished many years ago rhd steering idler in my mkv chassis that is being parted out in very good condition if your intrested? I’m in Ireland but can post with no problems

Thanks breandan

Good Evening Breandan

Thank you very much for your message!
I am interested indeed, because there are not many RHD parts in continental Europe.
Do you have any pictures and most of all do you have allready an idea how much it would cost plus postage?

Have a nice weekend and best Regards :hugs:

Hi Lukas,

Thanks, the cottage is very rural and was erected in 1961, but is a typical 1950’s design, so it matches the MKV quite well. :smiley:

But I rather tinker on the cars in the city, it was a coindinence or sort of an accident I had an engine failure back in 2019 near the cottage and the car was flat-bedded back there. I thought it would be something simple but ended up rebuilding the engine and having the block resleeved.

There is a long thread in here with pics under ”3 1/2 litre engine part recommendations”.

I’m now back in Finland but waiting (again) for a negative COVID-19 test result. Zermatt was fantastic, we are well recharged now. :slight_smile:


Ps. I have one car stationed in Frankfurt (a.M) and occasionally (when possible without these travel restrictions) visit Switzerland, Luzern Swiss Classic World show or Georg Dönni’s workshop, etc. So please feel free to drop PM contact details if you’d like to meet somewhere someday.

Hi Pekka
Thank you for your detailed message and the link to your other thread, your mechanic hideaway is magnificent, allways fresh fish for dinner :+1::+1:
I hope the COVID test was negative and you are again free to move .
Your MK V looks great and the number plate is awesome!
Best Regards

As you write, you are here and there in Switzerland. If you drive from Basel to Zürich by car, you will pass my village. If you have the time and inclination on your next visit to Switzerland, you can visit me. On this occasion we could visit my MK V, which is currently being restored.


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Happy easter to everyone :rabbit::rabbit:

Should somebody find a RHD steering idler instead of some painted eggs I would be very interested :face_with_monocle::+1: