Needing a Steering Rack in Canada

I’m hoping someone can suggest a shop or parts supplier in western Canada that can
repair or supply a rebuilt steering racks. I will do the install. Most shops I called, advertise they do all makes inluding classics but when I mention 1989 Jaguar Vanden Plas V12, their answer is sorry NOPE!

Surely someone here can recommend a Canadian supplier. The core deposit and return shipping costs plus the dollar exchange is a kick in the groin when looking at one of the many U.S. suppliers.


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Rock Auto is not bad

They are fast, and all the duty etc is sorted.

$195 back for the old one too.


Thanks Rob, I have checked them out over the years but never ordered anything. I believe they are in the northwest, so certainly closer
then most.

Kevin, I have used RockAuto often for many vehicles including my 94XJ40. They ship from several warehouses in the US, and as Robert says, they sort duty and shipping and CDN-US$ conversions well. Shipping is very quick no matter what warehouse in the US, and I am remote west coast Canada. Give the site a try and even add the steering rack to the cart to calculate several different options for shipping. If you return your core to them, be sure to apply for their core return, as they will allow you to use their cheaper return shipping rates.

Sean, I live in Vernon, BC, so I really appreciate your great information which certainly makes me more comfortable using this supplier.
The fact they help in return (the core) shipping costs is very reasonable.
Thanks you again.