Negative battery termininates

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It’s been years working on my 1970 2+2 but finally seeing the light. I am starting to work on the lighting and am questioning myself on where the negative battery cable terminates. I’ve looked at all my photos and it’s just not clear. I would really appreciate any help.
Thanks so much

You mean the end opposite the battery terminal? It goes on the bolt that screws into the bulkhead. In the below picture it’s the bolt by the yellowed tie wrap.

Look for a bolt behind the battery, near the brake booster. As you continue, there will be other grounds there too.

Thanks so much for the help. As you can see I’m totally redoing my car and its taken a long time to get to this point. I’ve forgotten some of the details. But I did find the hole to receive the bolt and battery cable.

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Well, what I can see looks really nice.

Looks fantastic! That light is the tunnel exit not a train!

Very nicely said.