New 6 cyl engine blocks coming

6 cylinder blocks. See:

Wow nice to see, not to pass off as the numbers matching but just for reliability of a new engine.
Wonder what the demand will be?
WHOLLY CRAP , I just read the whole article 17 grand?
And they will restamp the original serial number…Ut Ohhhhh

If you have proof of ownership they will have the engine number cast at the foundry - not stamped like the picture rail etc. BUT, if they do so the new block will have an asterisk after the number to indicate that it is a new replacement block. So not “matching numbers”.

Why does everything on these cars have to be so expensive? I saw an ad for a new, modernized twin plug and gas flows head that they claim will add up to 100 hp on a stock engine (with associated upgrades in fuel, exhaust, etc.). But the head is like $12k! Annoys me that the best aluminum heads you can get for a small block ford are like $1500.

Because of production numbers. Make 1,000 heads and the price per unit is lower than if you make 100. The seller has to get back the costs of development and tooling.

Unless the Jag head costs 1/10th as much to design and engineer, it’s going to cost a lot more to get back the R&D costs. That doesn’t count the setup time and overhead for a production run.

Maybe when we can 3D “print” large metal components on demand with no setup overhead - then prices will come down somewhat.


They made, what? 200,000 XK engines?

How many millions of Fords/Chevys?

Bigger market, more sold!

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I mean… ya I get it. Doesn’t make it less annoying!

When JLR commissioned the “new original” XKSS the engines were manufactured by Crosthwaite and Gardiner. Jaguar did not have a complete set of drawings and those they had were not good quality. C & G took a Jaguar block and cut it in two to get precise dimensions.

The engine numbers will be stamped of course and NOT “cast at the foundry” as stated above.

Offering these doesn’t make a lot of sense to me … especially when you can buy an alloy wet-sump 3.8 block from Crosthwaite and Gardiner for £11,120 (less than $14,000 US)

Love to know the engineering reason for only three external ribs, on the front half of the block.

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Hi buddy - we NEED to meet up again soon and talk “Jaguar”!

The fewer ribs are clearly because it is a male block. The female block has more ribs.


Wouldn’t it only be missing one rib?

Call anytime!

Surely a lot more than 200.000? For sportycars, saloons, limos and military purposes?

No doubt someone is reaching for their notes right this moment…

Could be: I was just spit balling.

Let’s say a million (and I seriously doubt it): by now, survivors are numbered in the less than 200,000, and the newest ones are 30+ years old.

I just don’t think there’s a huge market for new blocks.

With the number of cars broken up over the years, there should be enough cores around. Someone must have run the numbers though and found it was viable?

Kinda what I figure, BUT: in Denver, a not-small city, I called 6 of my favorite breaking yards: not one had even a late-model XKJ6 engine.

Yards run this stuff through, pretty quickly: there’s more value in the scrap, than keeping acres of old chit around, waiting for us doddering old pharts to come looking for an engine for old, weird Brit cars.

Around 300,000 Series I, II and III XJs, 72,000+ Etypes, Then figure 120, 140s, 150s, Mark 1, II and S types along with everything else including spares and the military and one million is probably a reasonable number.

I would not have thought the numbers that high. No WONDER J6s are essentially giveaway cars!

I saw the twin plug head up at LIMEROCK…….OMG A piece of art!
I looked into it as well…….but they were in testing stages…a bit much but looked wonderful!