New battery for V12 he

Hi Folks.
I have not been here for a number of years.
I need to buy a new battery for starting my 1981 V12 HE XJS.
Can anybody suggest the details I need to suite the vehicle. Ie the amperage details.
Many thanks

Andy G

Can’t you get that info from the old battery? Take it to auto p arts store and they can match the size. And might have recommendation regarding Cold Cranking Amps. Or their parts look up system can tell

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a red-top Optima battery…

Hi Andy,
Welcome back
I installed an Optima Red 35 in my '83 XJ-S in July 2020 and then drove 1600 miles without an issue.
I did have to have it replaced under warranty last month after being parked in the garage for 9 months. The fellow at O’Reilly told me they have never had any returns on them so I must have had some bad luck.
I’d definitely go with one again if this one holds up.

Never let a red top Optima discharge completely, as it will never recover. Keep it on a floating trickle charger while in storage, and it will last a long time.

That would be it. Always the best of intentions to take the car out of the garage but the garage door broke making it impossible to open without some time spent to fix it.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll put it on the trickle charger for the winter this time.

I keep trickle charger on mine all the time when not driving, not just winter. Supposedly helps maintain battery health

Hi Andy, I put a red-top Optima in my car when I bought it in 2014. Then installed a “correct” battery maintainer in the trunk. I decided to replace the battery when seven years had passed- not because it had failed- simply because it was seven years old. I run Optima batteries in my other vehicles, too. Can’t go wrong.

(I replaced my tires at the same time.)

Thanks for the feed back folks, I will get something sorted out.
Best Wishes Andy G.

I have several thoughts,

  1. There is an outfit that sells refurbished batteries. 60 bucks _ trade in. Got one about for years ago. Knock on wood. still just fine.

  2. Select the physical size. Buythe best price for the CCA’s.

  3. Thge heavier, the better. more lead in the plates/

  4. My experience with red and yellow top Optima’s was just so so. The last time I needed one, the prie deterred me. too much.

  5. Ignore warranty promises if on a pro rate basis. Selelr has the advantage. .


It kinda depends on your expectations. Those who are looking for the least cost per year of operation should go with the rebuilt cheapo battery, and just plan on replacing as req’d. Those who are looking for a battery that won’t leave them stranded unexpectedly should probably go with the Optima – and still replace as req’d, although hopefully a bit less often than the cheapos.

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