New Book - Vintage Jaguar Keyrings

Bud Marston is known to many of us as he has a passion for getting his early FHC as near Factory Fit correct as possible and is a JCNA concours judge. His other passion is Jaguar key fobs and he has now produced a stunning book detailing his large collection. It is truly awe inspiring in the quality of the photos and the research he has gone into to find the history behind both Factory and after market fobs. It will make a great Christmas present for any Jaguar enthusiast.

You can view a sample of 32 pages here:

The book can be pre-ordered from September 22. More info here:

No affiliation with this other than I have corresponded with Bud about S1 originality and he is a great guy.


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I have nothing but respect for David but didn’t George Camp get into trouble for posting about a new book from JCNA?


It is not a JCNA book, it is published by Dalton Watson who also publish the Haddock & Mueller Originality Guide which has been frequently mentioned here.



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May be it is an ‘I know it when I see’ issue.

Here’s an extraordinary book I would be unlikely to otherwise come across and posted by someone who knows about it but has no affiliation.

It is a stunning piece of work that shows the degree to which a true enthusiast can take the esoteria of our hobby.

I have a colleciton of key fobs… they are those little plastic viewers you peep thru for a scenic (or otherwise interesting) view but a book is out of the question.

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I think it’s fine to announce here. My car cane with a fob that looks period and was literally just wondering if there was any catalog of fobs.

If not insanely priced, I’ll order.

If so that’s ridiculous and people need to get a life…

On a lighter note, that’s a funny/neat subject for a book…
I have the original keyfob and keys from my father’s XK150S roadster he purchased new.

Not a wrench turner, he said it was nothing but trouble. He misses it though.

Would be a charming idea to add various stories and anecdotes surrounding a key fob.
Will look into the book.
Thanks for posting.

PS: On yet another note, I was searching for a period key fob for my S1 XJ6, came across other fobs from the 50s etc…one sold for $500 not long ago.
An absolute must have for your C Type no doubt.

This week I had the privilege of meeting Bud Marston, as he donated his collection of classic Jaguar key fobs (and other rare documents and tools) to the Coventry Foundation. It is impressive and one of a kind- these are just a few:


That is one hell of a donation!

Bud is a great guy with an impressive eye for all things E-Type. Without people like him this hobby would be a much poorer place.



That a really nice collection of really nice key fobs. Meanwhile, if you bought a domestic car in the U. S. you might get something like this:

Those didn’t come with a car. They were trinkets given out when you toured the Corvette factory.

Agreed- I am enjoying reading the book, which has this quote on the flyleaf- “ Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

More from Bud Marston’s collection:

Hey, how did that Suzuki fob sneak in there? Bottom picture, left case, second from the left, row 5.


Who owns this collection or who could give me details on the dimensions of the top left keyring on the 3rd photo? I have a torn on which I need to repair/ replicate

Thanks a lot

Coventry Foundation | eBay Stores Here is the Suzuki key fob for sale. The very one from the picture if interested.

Hello James,

THe Key Fob Collection is property of the Coventry Foundation in Columbia SC. Please contact the foundation here :
I’m sure someone there will be able to help you.


John MacLeod

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I am literally in the process of planning my first ever trip to Kentucky and the Corvette Museum is high on my list.

If I get a key fob, I’ll let you know.

- Tom -

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Be sure to check out the ones that fell into the hole… :slight_smile:

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If they still offer them, take the factory tour. In the summer of 2005 we were in the area and I didn’t even think about it when we passed the Corvette Plant. On a lark we stopped in and to our surprise not only did they give tours they had a few slots left for one; the last tour of the last day they gave them before they shut down for the annual model change over. Pure luck on our part. It was a really interesting tour, the workers would stop and talk to us, we were maybe 10 feet from the production line itself, and they gave us both a Corvette key fob as a souvenir. We still have them. I use one for my F150 key,the other collects dust.


Hmm. That sounds mysterious. You’ve piqued my curiosity. I will definitely look into it.

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