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Hi Guys just joined the forum looking for a replacement to the pulley bearing on the aircon tensioner. I’m swapping out my old V12 which cooked for a younger lower mileage version, changing, swapping and renewing parts as I go along. The old V12 is out and the new 12 is nearly ready

Need to find someone to refit it and also fit a manual gearbox conversion I will buy. Will post updates in due course.


You appear to be in the UK: plenty of shops to choose from. Lister Angus Moss is one.

Didn’t know that Lister did a manual box conversion… however being that its Lister I am sure its well pricey. I am looking for a cost effective solution so have found a company called Realm Engineering that do a Toyota Supra Conversion, 5 speed. it also allows me to retain the standard V12 diff, which is good because it was rebuilt sometime ago and here in the UK everyone wants a grand for a used XJS 3.6 diff…

Nice looking engine Mike - where in the UK are you based? I have a few names for conversion fitting in South East

I am in Surrey… really struggling to get anyone interested at the mo… and if they its being priced up like a Miura rebuild!! Any advice greatly appreciated. I have removed the old engine and gear box and I’m slowly tarting up the engine bay as well…

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You could try Winspeed in Guildford, it’s where I take mine. He has a £50k V12 XJC he took me for a ride in last time I was there and I only ever see XK and XJ’s there, it’s virtually all they do. Simply Performance just outside Redhill won’t do the work but might give a good recommendation (also maybe the best diff rebuilders if you ever need), there are some guys over in Alton I can’t recall name of but advertise in Jag mags. Barny Jones in Farnham did some work on mine and may be up for it but he is more post '75 moderns I think.

I think you have misread the “Lister Angus Moss”. It refers to a person on the list by the name of Angus Moss, not the company “Lister”.