New Cannonball record

IIRC, an XJS won the first one.

The first was won by Dan “The Man” Gurney, in a Ferrari.

This new record: 26 hours, coast to to coast?

Boggles the mind!!!

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Found it

7 years too late to be first.

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I wonder how any of these records can still be broken today. Yes, the cars are getting faster. But traffic is getting worse and worse these days.
I used to be able to do the 420km run from here to Stuttgart in just under 3 hours. Not a chance in hell these days. Everything is speed limited and super crowded by people sticking to the limit.

I’ve been to Germany twice in pretty fast cars and never got past 167mph and that was only briefly. Most of the time it’s too crowded to get much past 140 and that’s not normally for long…

The official results of the original unofficial race of the supposed original last and final illicit contest was reported to have been won by a Jaguar xjs which no one probably would admit to an official in a court of law. What a bunch of redundant wishy washy rhetoric that turned out to be, maybe perhaps

And the last Gumball Rally, in record time … ! :racing_car: :trophy: No idea why that one hasn’t been run again in like (40?) years … :confused:

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I reread the account of the first Cannonball… this nearly made me spit milk out my nose!

The Travico van arrived after 57 hours and 25 minutes on the road with a police escort at the Portofino Inn. Broderick explained the only incident his team encountered was a highway detour, which caused a sudden maneuver by Fresson and resultant spilling of a large pan of hot lasagne on the van’s shag rug.