New car on the way!

Hi everyone.
After an intensive search, I am finally getting my hands on a ‘97 X300 3.2 Sport.
I’ll be picking up the car this weekend and it will feature on my youtube channel (Gentils Garage) where I’ll be recording all the maintenance to be done in the car.
Quite excited about it, so watch this space!

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Great car
For most in the stars never drove a 3.2
Fill us in on power and ease when you get it!
Great find!

My first was a 3.2 which uses hydraulic-only trans (not switchable Sport/Econ). Quite a few manuals (same approx performance as 4.0L auto).

4.0L is taller geared so could be a fraction better mileage in cruise. Quicker if you put your foot in it but similar in normal driving.

Mine was an early base model with climate control but no refrigeration, so coldest setting gave you just below ambient. Only really an issue if parked in sun. Drove self, wife and two 5’11” sons/step son young across the Alps all the way down to Portofino.

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Pete, I just saw a 1995 short wheelbase xj6. It was white with cream interior…It just sticks out and so elegant.
I still love that car.

The only problem with the standard wheelbase is the passengers really suffer from a lack of legroom. I have a definite aversion to a back seat that can’t comfortably accommodate three full-grown adults.

But that’s just me.

Your right
Either the cars shrank in the rain over the years or we gained weight?
The 330 was a quick fix but from certain angle was goofy looking
The 350 fixed that but then it looked like a Ford Crown Victoria too me
I loved the short wheelbase I did most my driving alone🙄

Yes, rear passenger space is tight, but I drive either alone or with my wife.
I drove a couple of time with 3 people at the back on my BMW E46 coupe, and that is tighter than the Jag.
Even when I have passengers at the back, it’s maximum two and rarely have 3.
Yes, people got a bit larger over the years, but the X300 was essentially an 80’s outer shell with added internal structural changes to comply with 90’s safety requirements. That’s why cars nowadays got bigger outside, but interior space hasn’t changed and in may cases it got smaller!

I’ll tell you quite plainly that I adore my X330! You may call it “funny looking” but the ride and feel for rear-seat occupants is tremendous. I feel that someone riding in the rear seat of my X330 deserves the ride of a “middle-class man’s limousine”. I really can’t see anything wrong with that, can you?

I had two of them new
I loved the button on the back of the front seat like a limo
I liked them
The short wheel base was tight but pure in design
I also had the v12 LWB
Very very nice but in turns was a bit heavy😀
But grandma thought she was the Queen!
Enjoy your ride